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The New Jersey Historical Society Subject Index

The New Jersey Historical Society Library Collection of Vertical Files also includes Family Vertical Files, Biography Vertical Files, and Newark Vertical Files.






























A.G. Spalding & Bros. (Sporting Goods)

A.T. & T.

See: American Telephone & Telegraph

Aberdeen Township (Monmouth County)

Abolition and Abolitionists

See also: African Americans; Manumission; Slavery; Underground Railroad

See also: Manuscript Group 134, New Jersey State Anti-Slavery Society Records; Manuscript Group 408, Horace N. Congar (1817-1893) Papers (one of the founders of the antislavery Free Soil Party in New Jersey); Manuscript Group 886, Harmonic Society of Newark Records, (Contains a fragment of the Newark Juvenile Anti-Slavery Society's constitution)

See also: "New Jersey Freeman" (Abolitionist Newspaper) L-2  (Newark Stacks); Writings and Speeches of Alvan Stewart on Slavery, ed., Luther Rawson Marsh, 1860—973.7111/S851 (Newark Stacks)


Absecon Beach

See: Atlantic City

Absecon Lighthouse (Atlantic City, Atlantic County)

          See also: Lighthouses; Marine/Maritime

Academy of Science

          See: New Jersey Academy of Science

Acorn Hall, Morristown

See: also Morris County Historical Society

Actors and Actresses

          See: Entertainers

Adams & Sons (Chewing Gum)

See: Industry

Adelphia (Monmouth County)



African American Athletes

African American Bibliographies

African American Cemeteries & Burial Sites

See also: Gethsemane Cemetery, Little Ferry

African American Communities (including Dunderhook (Bergen County), Princeton (Mercer County), Skunk Hollow (Bergen County), Springtown (Cumberland County) and Whitesboro (Cape May County). There are also references to Lawntown Station (Camden County), Mizpah (Atlantic County), Saddlertown (Camden County), Small Gloucester (Gloucester County) and Timbucktoo (Burlington County).

See also: Gouldtown (Cumberland County); Lawnside (Camden County)

See also: Gouldtown: A Very Remarkable Settlement of Ancient Date, William Steward, 1913 (974.91/C91g — Newark); In Search of a Community’s Past: The Black Community in Trenton, New Jersey, 1860-1900, Jack Washington, 1990 (974.91/M53t13 — Reading Room)

African American "Firsts"

African American Genealogy

See also: New Jersey Afro-American Historical & Genealogical Society; New Jersey Afro-American Historical & Genealogical Society

African American History

African American Immigration to New Jersey

African American Women

See also: New Jersey State Federation of Colored Women’s Clubs

African Americans

See also: Abolition and Abolitionists; African American Bibliographies; African American Communities; African American "Firsts"; African American Genealogy; African American History; African American Historic Sites; African American Immigration to New Jersey; African American Women; African Americans in the Military; Civil Rights; Crossroads; Manumission; Merabash Museum Society; New Jersey State Federation of Colored Women’s Clubs; Racial Profiling; Slavery; Underground Railroad

African Americans

See: Individual names in Biographical Files

African Americans in the Military

Africans in NJ

Afton Publishing Co.


See also: Blueberries; Cranberries; Dairies; Farming; Horticulture; New Jersey Agricultural Society; Tomatoes


Air Reduction Company, Camden (Compressed Gases )


See also: NJHS - MG 1361 2/6 (Photos - Places - Atalantic City - Aeroplanes); NJHS - MG 1366 1/2 (Photos - Subjects - AIrplanes - Aircraft)

Alcoa, Edgewater (Aluminum)

Alcoholic Beverages

          See: Apple Jack; Beer; Breweries; Laird & Company

Alexandria Township (Hunterdon County)

All Souls Hospital, Morristown

Allaire Airport

Allaire State Park

See also: Allaire Village; Pine Creek Railroad

Allaire Village (Monmouth County)

Allamuchy Township (Warren County)

Allendale (Bergen County)

Allentown (Monmouth County)

Allenwood (Monmouth County)

Allerton (Hunterdon County)

Alliance (Salem County)

Allied Chemical Corp.

Allied Signal, Inc.

Aloway (Salem County)

Alma White College, Zarephath


Alpine (Bergen County)

Alpine Geophysical Associates, Inc. (Oceanographers)

Amatol Arsenal

See: Amatol

Ambrose Lightship/Ambrose Lightstation/Ambrose Light-Tower

          See also: Lighthouses; Marine/Maritime

American Chichle Company

See: Adams & Sons

American Cyanamid Co., Wayne

American Indians

See: Native Americans

American Labor Museum, Haledon

American Radiator

American Red Cross-- in NJ

American Revolution

See also: African Americans in the Military; Battle of Monmouth; Battle of Paulus Hook; Battle of Princeton; Battle of Trenton; Children of the American Revolution; Daughters of the American Revolution; Declaration of Independence; Decendents of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence; French Army March across New Jersey during the American Revolution; Loyalists; Medicine during the American Revolution; Olive Branch Petition; Signers of the Declaration of Independence; Sons of the American Revolution; Treaty of Paris

American Telephone & Telegraph


See: Amatol; Picantinny; Arsenal; Raritan Arsenal

Ampere (Essex County)

Amusement Parks

See also: Gingerbread Castle; Lake Hopatcong; MG 1362 13/9 (Photos-Newark-Electric Park); Nolan's Point Amusement Park; Olympic Park; Palisades Amusement Park

Amwell (Somerset County)

Andover (Sussex County)


          See also: Endangered Species; Horses; Marine Animals; Turtles; Zoos

Annin & Co., Roseland (Flags)

Anniversary Celebrations

See also: Individual Counties and Cities

Anti Slavery

        See: Abolition and Abolitionists; African Americans; Manumission; Slavery


Antiques (Articles by Van Hoesen)

Appalachian Trail

Apple Brandy

See: Apple Jack

Apple Cider (Alcoholic)

See: Apple Jack

Apple Cider (Sweet)

See:Cider (Sweet)

Apple Jack

See also: Laird & Company


          See also: Marine Animals; Whales & Whaling


See: Cora Arboretum & Bird Sanctuary; Reeves-Reed Arboreum; Willowwood Arboretum

Archaeological Society of New Jersey


          See also: Archaeological Society of New Jersey; Fossils

          See also: Biography V/F — Kraft, Herbert C.



See also: Arts & Crafts Houses; Atlantus (S.S. - Concrete Ship); Building Contracts & Mechanic Liens; Cement/Concrete Buildings; Dutch Architecture; Edison Portland Cement Company; Hapgood Houses; Kit Houses; Log Houses & Log Cabins; Lustron Homes; Victorian Architecture;

Archives and Archives Management

Arlington (Hudson County)

Armed Services

Arnold Stivers & Sons, Newark (Coach Locks)


See: Amatol; Picatinny Arsenal; Raritan Arsenal


See: Art Exhibits; Artists; Sculpture

Art Exhibits



See also: Dance; Films; New Jersey State Council of the Arts; Music; Folk Art; Photography; Sculpture; Theatre; Writing & Literature

Arts and Craft Houses

          See: Mountain Lakes

See: NJ Pamphlet File: Mountain Lakes, NJ, The Hapgood Houses of Mountain Lakes

Arts Center

          See: PNC Bank Arts Center

Asbury Park (Monmouth County)

Asians in NJ


          See also: New Jersey Agricultural Society; Passaic Boat Club


Atlantic City (Atlantic County)

See also: Absecon Lighthouse; Advertisements; Boardwalk and Piers; Businesses; Culture

Atlantic County

Atlantic County Community College

Atlantic County Historical Society

Atlantic Highlands (Monmouth County)

Atlantus (S.S. - Concrete Ship)


          See: Lawyers

Audobon (Camden County)



See also: General Motors; Volkswagen of America; Volvo, Inc.; New Jersey Automobile Club

Avalon (Cape May County)

Avenel (Middlesex County


See also: Airplanes; Airports; Balloons & Ballooning; Curtis-Wright Corportation; Jetport Controversy; People’s Express (Continental)

Aviation Hall of Fame & Museum, Teterboro Airport

Avon-by-the-Sea (Monmouth County)


Baker & Taylor

Baleville (Sussex County)

Ballantine, P. & Sons

See: P. Ballantine & Sons

Balloons and Ballooning

Bands (Music)

Banks and Banking

          See also: Coins and Currency; Carteret Savings; First Fidelity Bank Corp

Baptists in New Jersey

See also: Bloomfield Historic Churches (Brookdale Baptist Church & First Baptist Church, Bloomfield); Freehold Baptist Burial Ground; Lyon Farms Baptist Church Cemetery; Old Manahawkin Baptist Church Graveyard; Rogerene/Rogerine

Baptisttown (Hunterdon County)

Barnegat (Ocean County)

Barnegat Lighthouse (Barnegat Light, Ocean County)

          See also: Lighthouses; Marine/Maritime

Barnett Foundry


See also: Howell Living History Farm (Henry Philips Barn Restoration)

Bartley (Morris County)



Basking Ridge (Somerset County)

Basset Hunting

See: Hunts

Batsto (Burlington County)

Battle of Monmouth

See also: Smith, Samuel Stelle, The Battle of Monmouth. Monmouth Beach, NJ:Philip Freneau Press, 1964. (973.3/S65 Reading Room); Stryker, William S. The Battle of Monmouth. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1927. (973.3/St812 Reading Room); Thayer, Theodore. Washington and Lee at Monmouth: The Making of a Scapegoat. Port Washington, NY: National University Publications, 1976 (973.383/T338 Reading Room)

Battle of Paulus Hook

See also: Farrier, George H., ed. Memorial of the Centennial Celebration of the Battle of Paulus Hook . (Includes an account of the Battle). Jersey City, NJ: M. Mullone, Printer, 1879. (973.335/H867j - Reading Room); Richardson, William H. et al. Washington and “The Enterprise Against Powles Hook” . Jersey City, NJ: Published by The New Jersey Title Guarantee and Trust Company, 1938. (973.335/R39 - Reading Room)

Battle of Princeton

See also: Bill, Alfred Hoyt. The Campaign of Princeton 1776-1777. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1948. (973.3326/B493 Reading Room); Princeton Battle Monument. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1922. (973.3326/P93 Reading Room); Smith, Samuel Stelle, The Battle of Princeton. Monmouth Beach, NJ: Philip Freneau Press, 1967. (973.3/Sm67 Reading Room); Stryker, William S. The Battles of Trenton and Princeton. Boston & NY: Houghton, Mifflin & Company, 1898. (973.3/St811 Reading Room)

Battle of Trenton

See also: Smith, Samuel Steele. Battle of Trenton. Monmouth Beach, NJ: Philip Freneau Press, 1965. (973.3/S66 - Reading Room); See also Stryker, William S. The Battles of Trenton and Princeton. Boston & NY: Houghton, Mifflin & Company, 1898. (973.3/St811 Reading Room)

Battleship New Jersey


Bay Head (Ocean County)

Bayonne (Hudson County)

Bayville (Ocean County)


          See: Battleship New Jersey


          See: Battleship New Jersey

Beach Haven (Ocean County)

Beachwood (Ocean County)

Beauty Pageants

          See also: Pageants; Miss America; Mr. Male America

Becker's Grove

See: Olympic Park

Becker's Woods

See: Olympic Park

Becton Dickinson (Medical Supplies)

Bedminster (Somerset County)

Bee (NJ State Insect)

          See: Bees and Beekeeping; State Symbols — NJ

Beemerville (Sussex County)


See also: Breweries

Bees and Beekeeping

Beesley's Point (Cape May County)

Bell Laboratories

See also: NJ Bell; Western Electric

Belle Mead (Somerset County)

Belleville (Essex County)

See also: Clara Maass Medical Center, Essex County Geriatric Center

Belmar (Monmouth County)

Belvidere (Warren County)


See: Teterboro

Bergen County

See also: Denderhook; Skunk Hollow; Bergen County Historical Society; Bergenfield Museum; Camp Merritt; Genealogical Society of Bergen County; Upper Saddle River Historical Society

Bergen County Historical Society

Bergenfield (Bergen County)

Bergenfield Museum, Bergenfield

Berkeley Heights (Union County)

Berkeley Township (Ocean County)

Berlin (Camden County)

Bernards Township (Somerset County)

Bernardsville (Somerset County)

Berrien Mansion, Princeton

See: Rockingham Historic Site


Bertrand Island Picnic Park, Lake Hopatcong

Best/Worst lists

Bethlehem (Hunterdon County)

Bevens (Sussex County)


See also: C & C Cola; Breweries; Hotels and Taverns; Hensler Brewing; Kreuger; P. Ballantine & Sons; Rheingold; Prohibition; Wineries; Thomas J. Lipton, Inc.

Beverly (Burlington County)

Bicycles and Bicycling

Bilkways Express Co. (Trucking)

Bird — NJ State Bird (Eastern Goldfinch)

          See: State Symbols — NJ


See also: Cora Hartshorn Arboretum & Sanctuary

Bivalve (Cumberland County)

Black River

See: Chester

Black River & Western Railroad


          See: African Americans

Black River

See: Chester

Black River & Western Railroad


See African Americans


Blair Academy, Blairstown

Blairstown (Warren County)

Blawenburg (Somerset County)

Blawenburg Band

See: Blawenburg

Blawenburg Reformed Church

See Blawenburg



Bloomfield (Essex County)

See also: Bloomfield Cemeteries; Bloomfield College; Bloomfield Historic Churches; Brookdale Reformed (Dutch) Church & Burying Ground; First Presbyterian Church on the Green, Bloomfield (“Old First”)

Bloomfield Cemeteries

Bloomfield College, Bloomfield

Bloomfield Historic Churches

Bloomsbury (Hunterdon County)

Blue Comet Train


Board of Proprietors of the Eastern Division of New Jersey

Board of Proprietors of the Western Division of New Jersey

Boats and Boating

          See also: Marine/Maritime; Ships; Submarines; Yachts

Bobbink & Atkins, Rutherford (Nursery)

Bogota (Bergen County)

Boiling Springs

See: Rutherford


See also: Baker & Taylor (Book Wholesaler); Davey Company (Binders Board)

Boonton (Morris County)

Borden Company, Newark (Dairy Products)

Bordentown (Burlington County)

Bottle Hill

See: Madison

Botto House, Haledon

See: American Labor Museum

Boudinot Mansion, Elizabeth (aka Boxwood Hall)

Bound Brook (Somerset County)




Boxwood Hall

See: Boudinot Mansion

Boy Scouts

Boystown, Kearny


          See also: Alcoholic Beverages; Hensler Brewing; Kreuger Brewing; P. Ballantine & Sons;           Rheingold

Brewer's Cemetery, Squankum

Brewster Ideal Chocolate Co., Newark

Brick Township (Ocean County)

Bridge Port (Burlington County)

See: Lower Bank

Bridgeport (Gloucester County)


See also: Covered Bridges; Delaware River Bridges; E-Z Pass; George Washington Bridges

Bridgeton (Cumberland County)

Bridgewater Township (Somerset County)

Brielle (Monmouth County)

Brigantine (Atlantic County)


          See also: NJHS Broadside Collection

Brook Trout (NJ State Fish)

          See: Fish and Fishing; State Symbols - NJ

Brookdale (Essex County)

See: Bloomfield

Brookdale Baptist Church

          See: Bloomfield Historic Churches

Brookdale Reformed (Dutch) Church & Burying Ground, Bloomfield

Brooklyn (Camden County)


          See: Rivers

Broughton Presbyterian Church

          See: Bloomfield Historic Churches

Brown's Mills (Burlington County)

Budd Lake (Morris County)


Budget (New Jersey State)

Buena Vista (Atlantic County)

Building Contracts & Mechanic Liens

Burlington Couty Historical Society

Burlington (Burlington County)

Burlington County

Burlington County Historical Society

Bush, President George W. in New Jersey (14 March 2001)

Business & Industry

See also: Advertising; CHemical Industry; Companies; Economic Conditions; Employment; Industrial Parks; Industrial Relations; Iron Industry; Lumber Industry; Women — Business and Industry

Business & Industry (Individual Companies)

See: [Individual company name]

Business & Industry (Newspaper articles by John Cunningham)



Buttzville (Warren County)

Byram Township


C & C Cola (Soft Drinks)


          See: Furniture

Cable Cars

          See: Trolley and Cable Cars

Cadmus House, Fair Lawn

See: Fair Lawn

Cairs & Bro. Inc. (Helmets)

Caldwell (Essex County)

Caldwell College, Caldwell

Caldwell Township

See: Fairfield

Califon (Hunterdon County)

Camden (Camden County)

Camden and Amboy

See also: White, John H. Jr. The John Bull: 150 Years a Locomotive. Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian Institution Press, 1981. (625.261/W584 Reading Room)

Camden County

Camden County Historical Society

Camp Merrit

See also: World War I

Camp Midvale (Communist Party, USA)

Camp Nyoda

Camp Raritan

See: Raritan Arsenal

Camp Tenafly

See: Camp Merritt

Campaign Literature (1988-Jesse Jackson)

Campbell Soup Co., Camden

Camps & Camping

Canal Museum at Waterloo Village

See: Canal Society of New Jersey

Canal Society of New Jersey

See also: Canals


          See also: Canal Society of New Jersey; Delaware and Raritan Canal; Morris Canal


Cape May (Cape May County)

Cape May County

See also: African American Communities - Whitesboro; Atlantus (S.S. - Concrete Ship); Cape May County Historical and Genealogical Society; Cape May Lighthouse; Hereford Inlet Lighthouse

Cape May County Historical and Genealogical Society

Cape May Court House (Cape May County)

Cape May Lighthouse, Cape May Point

Cape May Point (Cape May County)

Cape May Seashore Lines

Capital Punishment

Cardiff (Atlantic County)

Carlstadt (Bergen County)

Carmel (Cumberland County)

Carney's Point (Salem County)

Carolina (S.S.) (Sunk by German Submarine, U-151, on 2 June 1918)


Carteret (Middlesex County)

Carteret Book Club

Carteret Savings

Cassville (Ocean County)

Castle Stevens, Hoboken


See: Roman Catholicism


Cedar Grove (Essex County)

Cedar Grove Historical Society

See also: Cedar Grove (Essex County)

Cedar Knolls (Morris County)

Cedarville (Cumberland County)


See: Festivals & Celebrations

Celery Farm Wetland

See: Allendale

Celluloid Corp., Newark


See: Cement/Concrete Buildings; See: Edison Portland Cement Company


See also: African American Cemeteries & Burying Sites; Bloomfield Cemeteries; Brewer's Cemetery; Brookdale Reformed Church & Burying Grounds; Edgewater Cemetery; Essex County Cemeteries; Evergreen Cemetery; Finn's Point Cemetery; Freehold Baptist Burial Ground; Gethsemane Cemetery; Jewish Cemetaries; Lyons Farms Baptis Church Cemetery; Morris County Cemeteries; Mount Pleasant Cemetery; Old Manahawkin Baptist Church Graveyard; Plainfield Burying Ground (Friends Meething House; Rosedale Cemetery; Warren County Cemeteries



See also: Redirecting

Centenary Junior College, Hackettstown

Centennial Celebrations

See: Anniversary Celebrations

Central Jersey Genealogical Club

Central Paper Company, Newark and Trenton

Central Railroad of New Jersey


Chamber Music

Changewater (Warren County)

Chatham (Morris County)

Chatham Historical Society

          See also: Chatham (Morris County)

Chatsworth (Burlington County)

Chelsea Forge

See: Finesville


Chemical Industry

Chemways Corp., Wayne (Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics & Dental Equipment)

Cherry Hill (Camden County)

Cherryville (Hunterdon County)

Chester Township (Morris County)

Chesterfield (Burlington County)

Chestnut Neck (Atlantic County)

Chevron, Elizabeth (Petroleum Products)

Chew's Landing (Camden County)

Chewing gum

See: Adams & Sons

Children and Youth

See also: Abortion; Adoption; Boy Scouts; Boystown; Children of the American Revolution; Education; Family Planning; Girl Scouts; Orphanages; School Houses; Schools; Surrogate Motherhood

Children of the American Revolution

Chinese in NJ


See also: Millville ("Holly City/Capital of America")

Chronology — NJ

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

See also: Nauvoo


          See also: Historic Churches; Individual Church Names

Churches (Denominations)

See: Individual Denimination names; Religion

Ciba-Geigy Corporation, Dover Township, Summit & Toms River (Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals)

Cider (Alcoholic)

See: Apple Jack

Cider (Sweet)


See: Films

Circle F Industries, Trenton (Wiring Devices)

Circassians in NJ


Cities & Towns (Individual)

          See: [Individual City & Town Names]

Cities, Towns & Municipalities (General)

Civil Rights

          See also: African Americans; Racial Profiling; Suffrage; Voting

Civil Service

Civil War (American)

See also: African Americans in the Military

Clara Maass Medical Center, Belleville

Clara Maass Memorial Hospital

See: Clara Maass Medical Center

Clark (Union County)

Clark Thread Company, Newark

Clarksboro (Gloucester County)

Clarksburg (Monmouth County)

Clayton (Gloucester County)

Cleveland (Grover) Birthplace, Caldwell

See: Grover Cleveland Birthplace

Cliffside Park (Bergen County)

Clifton (Passaic County)


Clinton (Hunterdon County)

Clinton Historical Museum

Clocks & Watches

Closter (Bergen County)


          See: Associations


          See also: Marine/Maritime

Coast Guard

          See also: Marine/Maritime; Military

Coeyman House, Somerville

          See: Coeyman Family Vertical File

Cohansey Compact

See also: Presbyterian Church, the

Coins and Currency

See also: Counterfeiting

Cold Spring Village (Cape May County)

Colestown (Camden County)

Colesville (Sussex County)

Colgate-Palmolive Company, Jersey City (Toiletries)

Collections and Collectors

Colleges and Universities

See also: Alma White College; Atlantic County Community College; Bloomfield College; Caldwell College; Centenary Junior College; County College of Morris; Drew University; Douglass College; Fairleigh Dickinson University; Felician College; Georgian Court College; Jersey City State Teachers College; Immaculate Conception Seminary; Kean College; Livingston College; Middlesex County College; Monmouth College; Montclair State College; New Brunswick Theological Seminary; New Jersey College of Pharmacy; New Jersey Institute of Technology; Ocean County College; Panzer College; Passaic County Community College; Paterson State College; Princeton Theological Seminary; Princeton University; Rabbinical College of America; Ramapo College; Raritan Valley Community College; Rider University; Richard Stockton College; Rowan College (Glassboro State); Rutgers University; Rutgers University Newark; St. Elizabeth’s College; St. Peter’s College; Seton Hall University; Shelton College; Somerset County College; Stevens Institute of Technology; Sussex County Community College; Thomas A. Edison College; Trenton State College; Union Junior College; University of Medicine & Dentistry of NJ; Upsala College; Warren County Community College; Westminster Choir College; William Paterson University

Collingswood (Camden County)

Collinsville (Morris County)

Colombians in NJ

Colonial History

Colonial Dames of America

          See also: Hereditary Societies

Colors, NJ State Colors (Buff and Jersey Blue)

            See: State Symbols - NJ

Colts Neck (Monmouth County)



Communist Party, USA

See: State Symbols - NJ

Community Affairs


See: African American Communities; Individual names of Communities; Planned Communities

Community Colleges

See: Colleges & Universities; Individual names of Communities; Planned Communities

Community Memorial Hospital, Toms River


See: Business & Industry; Chemical Industry; Economic Conditions; Employment; Industrial Parks; Industrial Relations; Iron Industry; [Individual company names]




          See: Sea Shells


See: Atlantus(S.S - Concrete Ship); Cement/Concrete Buildings

Conference of Historical Journals

Congoleum-Narin Corp., Kearny & Hamilton Township (Vinyl Floor Coverings)

Constitution, NJ

Constitution, US


Consumer Affairs


Convent Staton (Morris County)

See also: St. Elizabeth 's College





See: Jacksonville

Cora Hartshorn Arboreturm & Bird Sanctuary, Short Hills

Corbin City (Atlantic County)

Cornwallis' Headquaters

See: Alpine





          See : [Individual County Names]

County College of Morris

Courthouses, Courts

          See also: Criminal Justice


          See also: Criminal Justice

Covered Bridges

          See: Bridges - Covered

Cowtown (Salem County)


See also: Folk Art; Museum of Early Trades & Crafts; Quilts & Quilting


See also: Double Trouble

Cranbury (Middlesex)

Crane House, Montclair

See: Israel Crane House

Crane-Phillips House, Cranford

See: Cranford Historical Society

Crane's Ford

See: Cranford


See: Montclair

Cranford (Union County)

Cranford Historical Society

Cratetown (Hunterdon County)

Cream Ridge (Monmouth)


          See: Rivers

Cresskill (Bergen County)


          See also: Criminal Justice; Organized Crime

Criminal Justice

See: Crime; Courthouses; Courts; Judges; Law; Lawyers; Murders; Organized Crime; Prisons and Reformatories

Croatians in New Jersey

Crossroads Theatre (New Brunswick)

Crosswicks (Burlington County)

Cubans in New Jersey

Cumberland County

See also: African American Communities - Springtown

See also: East Point Lighthouse


          See: Coins & Currency

Curtiss-Wright Corporation, Wood-Ridge

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