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Making a Photocopy Request of the Historical Society

If you are interested in having a portion of the manuscript or printed collections of The New Jersey Historical Society duplicated for your personal use, please include the following information in an e-mail to the library of The New Jersey Historical Society at library@jerseyhistory.org.

  1. Name, phone number, e-mail and U.S. mail address
  2. Information on the collection or material needed for copying. For books provide: author, title, publisher, year of publication, and call number (please provide as many as possible) and for manuscript collections provide: manuscript group name, collection number (MG #), specific folders (e.g. Box 21, folder 2). If you should need a collection number or specific folder, see the Manuscript Collection Finding Guides. Since some collections may contain hundreds of boxes, full collections cannot be duplicated, therefore including folder and box numbers are essential for expediting your request.
  3. Any other information worthwhile to know about the collection or material.

The duplication of library collections is determined by our staff depending upon the material's condition. Many collections cannot be photocopied and others may be too fragile to be duplicated at all. We will make every effort to fulfill requests, but must also uphold our responsibility to library donors and our collections, by preserving these printed and original materials as best we can.

Photocopies cost $.35 per page. Photocopy requests fulfilled by mail are subject to a $3.00 shipping and handling charge, which includes up to six photocopies. For additional pages, the cost is $.35 per page. Microfilm copies are $.25 per page; computer printouts are $.10 per page; and all are subject to a $3.00 shipping and handling charge.

Due to the high volume of requests we sometimes receive, please allow for six-eight weeks for receipt of the information. Please keep in mind that we will not copy entire books or collections and some materials may be too fragile for reproduction. No copies will not be available on the day requested and will be sent through the mail to patrons. Payment is required in advance. Photographic reproductions are also available; please see the Photographic Reproductions Policy and Photographic Reproductions Price List.


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