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-- Manuscript Group 11, Louis Bamberger (1855-1944) Autograph Collection, 1683-1929


Documents, Manuscripts, Maps, & Photographs

Manuscript Group 11, Louis Bamberger (1855-1944)

Autograph Collection, 1683-1929

Call Number: MG 11


Letters and documents of prominent people.  Indexed in the manuscript card catalog. Included are letters of:

John Adams Lewis Morris (1726-1798)
Samuel Adams Robert Morris (1734-1806)
Jonathan Belcher Samuel F.B. Morse
Joseph Bloomfield Thomas Nelson
Elias Boudinot Aaron Ogden
Carter Braxton George Olney
Isaac G. Burnet Robert Treat Paine
William Burnet E.A. Paine
Thomas Carew John Penn
Elizabeth Carmich Samuel Pintard
Charles Carroll Henry Remsen
Thomas Bradbury Chandler Henry M. Rice
Abraham Clark (1726-1794) Caesar Rodney
John N. Cumming Benjamin Rush
Thomas Alva Edison  Edward Rutledge
William Ellery Richard Stockton (1730-1781)
William Franklin Richard Stockton (1764-1828)
Elbridge Gerry Thomas Stone
Benjamin Harrison (1726-1791) J. Strawbridge
John Hart John Cleves Symmes
Joseph Hewes Charles Thornas
Herbert C. Hoover Matthew Thornton
Francis Hopkinson William Whipple
Samuel Huntington James Wilson
Francis Lightfoot Lee Woodrow Wilson
Abraham Lincoln George Walton
Philip Livingston William Williams (1731-1811)
Joseph Lovelace John Witherspoon
Thomas McKean George Wythe
Arthur Middleton

Bequest of Louis Bamberger, 1944.

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