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-- Manuscript Group 607, Gildersleeve Family Papers, 1741-1895 (Bulk dates: 1850-1870)


Documents, Manuscripts, Maps, & Photographs

Manuscript Group 607, Gildersleeve Family

Papers, 1741-1895 (Bulk dates: 1850-1870), 0.2 linear feet / ˝ small manuscript box

Call Number: MG 607


Correspondence and deeds of the Gildersleeve family and related families in New Jersey and New York; school compositions written by Anna Maria Gildersleeve in 1849 while a student in Jefferson Village (now Maplewood).  Deeds primarily concern land in the northern New Jersey counties of Essex, Passaic, Somerset, and Union.  The collection includes letters and documents of the Crowell, Snyder, Duran, Dumont, and Ross families.


Biographical Note:

The Gildersleeves in this collection are descended from John Gildersleeve (1706-1790) and his wife Phebe (Durand?).  John Gildersleeve was a successful Newark farmer who owned lands in Newark, Springfield, and Union County, New Jersey.  His grandson, the Reverend Joseph Gildersleeve (1775-1846), married Mary Speer, with whom he had a son, Caleb D. Gildersleeve.  At some point Caleb moved to Jefferson Village, New Jersey and on March 12, 1831 married Amanda Crowell.  Caleb Gildersleeve either had a business in New York City or moved there at some point later in his life.  Caleb and Amanda probably had a daughter named Anna Maria.  She married James L. Snyder of New York on April 12, 1858.


Family Files: Gildersleeve family, The New Jersey Historical Society.

Genealogical Card Index, The New Jersey Historical Society.


Provenance Note:

The source of this collection is unknown.  Additional documents were added to the collection in 1986.


Scope and Content Note:

This collection spans the time period 1741-1895 with bulk dates of 1850-1870.  It is largely made up of the papers of Caleb D. Gildersleeve, Anna Maria (Gildersleeve) Snyder, and Ezra Gildersleeve, with a smaller number of documents from other individuals.  The collection consists mostly of land deeds, with a small number of letters and legal and financial documents.

The land deeds run from 1741-1861 and include warranty deeds, mortgages, quitclaims, rentals, deeds of gift, deeds of dower, and others.  They have been divided and arranged alphabetically by buyer, with women placed under their married names.  Gildersleeves have been separated into their own folder.  Other buyers are Sarah Ann Cooper, John P. Crowell, William Ross, Mary and Samuel Smith, Anna Maria (Gildersleeve) and James L. Snyder, and Robert and Margaret Withers.  The documents are then arranged chronologically.  A large number of the land deals documented here involve real estate in New York City on and between 20th and 27th Streets.  Other deeds involve lands in Newark, Paterson, and Springfied Township, New Jersey; Buffalo and Flushing Township, New York; and President Township, Pennsylvania.  Additionally, there are two maps in the collection.  One is a map of lots in Paterson, New Jersey and is probably connected to the deeds of Anna Maria and James L. Snyder who purchased land in that area.  The other map is of New York City and details its districts.

The correspondence in the collection is scattered.  There are twelve letters, four of which were written to Anna Maria (Gildersleeve) Snyder, and two to Ezra Gildersleeve.  The remaining letters are to other individuals.  The letters have been arranged alphabetically, first by recipient and then by author.  Most of the correspondence discusses everyday family life.  Two of Anna Maria (Gildersleeve) Snyder’s letters, however, do refer to a woman’s social club.  The members seem to have come from both New York and New Jersey, and Snyder was the secretary.  Other letters of interest include the 1895 letter written to E.W. Lindsley from L.I. Gildersleeve regarding shorthand techniques.  In it Gildersleeve briefly describes his relation to Lindsley by tracing his father’s roots.  The letter of August 18, 1801 is also of interest, for the unknown author talks of Samuel Gildersleeve’s abuse of his wife Ruth.  The writer seems to be have been her second husband.  The collection also contains a folder of compositions written by Anna Maria Gildersleeve (Snyder) while a student in Jefferson Village, New Jersey.

The legal documents in the collection are varied and come from a number of different individuals.  They include insurance policies of Sarah Ann Cooper, estate settlement documents of Anna Drake and Caleb D. Gildersleeve, and a patent application for improved bootjacks filed by George Wheeler.

There are only four financial documents in the collection: two bills, a receipt, and an account of the vendue sale of the wood of Samuel Gildersleeve.  Lastly, the collection contains a folder of miscellaneous items.


Folder List:




Land Deeds and Maps



Land deeds: Gildersleeve family

- Caleb D. Gildersleeve 1844-1882
- Ezra Gildersleeve 1864-1868
- John Gildersleeve 1741
- Joseph Gildersleeve 1797, 1829


Land deeds:

- Sarah Ann Cooper 1849-1856
- John P. Crowell 1813, 1822
- William Ross 1820,1868


Land deeds:

- Mary & Samuel Smith 1799, 1809
- Anna Maria (Gildersleeve) & James L. Snyder 1866-1867
- Robert & Margaret Withers 1851, 1856



- New York and vicinity 1865
- South Paterson lots, Paterson, New Jersey n.d.

Legal Documents and Financial Records



Legal documents:

- Certificate of verification 1852
- Fire Insurance certificate: Sarah Ann Cooper 1854
- Bond: Robert Withers 1856
- Patent application of George Wheeler for improved boot jacks 1860
- Insurance policy of Sarah Ann Cooper 1864
- Surrogate’s Court, order of publication 1887
- Citation to attend the Surrogate’s Court regarding the estate settlement of Anna Drake 1887
- Citation to attend the Surrogate’s Court regarding the estate settlement of Caleb D. Gildersleeve 1892
- Inventory and appraisement of Caleb D. Gildersleeve’s estate n.d.


Financial records:

- Accounts of vendue sale of Samuel Gildersleeve 1821
- Insurance premium bill 1860
- Receipt for a registered letter to Aaron Crowell 1870
- Bill of Aaron Crowell 1872




Correspondence to:

- Ezra Gildersleeve from Lyon & Baker 1864
- Ezra Gildersleeve from ( ) 1867
- E.W. Lindsley from L.I. Gildersleeve 1895
- Anna Maria (Gildersleeve) Snyder from Inez Lord 1870
- Anna Maria Gildersleeve (Snyder) from (M.E.?) Snyder 1856
- Anna Maria (Gildersleeve) Snyder from cousin Julia ( ) 1879
- Anna Maria (Gildersleeve) Snyder from the President of the Social Circle n.d.
- Willie Snyder from John (McVauderly?) 1874
- Amelia ( ) from brother (J.C.?) 1869
- ( ) from (A.B.?) 1801
- ( ) from cousin Matt ( ) 1868
- ( ) from his mother n.d.

Literary Works, Printed Matter, and Miscellaneous Notes



School composition of Anna Maria Gildersleeve (Snyder)



Drug store advertisement


Eighth Ward Pioneer Clay Club Annual Ball invitation 1859
Steam Fire Engine Company No.7 Tenth Annual Ball of Lexington pass 1862
Calling cards n.d.
H. H. Register & Co. envelope n.d.
Sarah Ann Cooper - grave location n.d.
Recipe for dyspeptic bitters n.d.
Poem "Just One Step More" n.d.


Processed by Kim Charlton, December 1999 as part of the "Farm to City" project funded by a grant from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission.

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