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-- Manuscript Group 624, Matthias Price (1814-1902), Executor of the Estate of Daniel Price (1799-1892) Papers, 1826-1938 (Bulk dates: 1892-1898)


Documents, Manuscripts, Maps, & Photographs

Manuscript Group 624, Matthias Price (1814-1902), Executor of the Estate of Daniel Price (1799-1892)

Papers, 1826-1938 (Bulk dates: 1892-1898), 1 linear foot / 2 manuscript boxes

Call Number: MG 624


Legal and financial records of a prominent Essex County family.  Most concern the estate of Daniel Price (1799- 1892), a member of the New Jersey legislature and a partner in a Newark firm which manufactured copal varnishes.  The collection includes a ledger and journal of the Lee and Foster Land and Cattle Company, covering the years 1896-1898.  This company operated in southern Colorado and northeastern New Mexico.  There is also an account book inscribed "Daniel Price in Account with Pascal B. Smith, as Agent in The Sale of Varnish and Jappans, Newark, Oct. 7th, 1833."

Donated, in part, by Mrs. F. M. McPhedran, 1965.


Biographical Note:

Daniel Price was the third son of Phebe Thompson and Daniel Price (1767-1824).  He was born in Schenectady, New York on August 23, 1799, but soon moved to Newark, New Jersey where he grew up.  As a young man, Daniel entered the employ of John Gardner, the owner of a coach factory.  He became the head painter and eventually set up his own shop in Newark.  In 1836, Price entered into a partnership with S. P. Smith to become the first varnish manufacturer in the country. Smith left after a couple of years and Price took David M. Fitz-Gerald as a partner. Their company, D. Price & Fitz-Gerald, was located on Mulberry Street in Newark and lasted until 1867 when Daniel Price retired.  In 1854, David M. Fitz-Gerald died and his brother, John D. Fitz-Gerald took his place in the company.

After his retirement, Daniel Price remained active.  He was involved either as a director, trustee, founder, or backer of the following organizations: Newark Savings Institution, Essex County Bank, Newark Plank-Road and Ferry Company, American Bible Society, New Jersey Colonization Society, Society for the Relief of Respectable Aged Women, German Theological Seminary, Princeton Theological Seminary, and the Central Presbyterian Church of Newark.  He also served on the Newark Common Council and the New Jersey General Assembly.

Daniel Price never married and died without direct heir on April 23, 1892.  His brother Matthias Price (1814-1902) was the executor of his estate.  Matthias Price lived and worked on the family farm in Newark, New Jersey.  He married Emily Catherine Judd in 1838 and their daughter Emily Caroline Price married Lewis V. Fitz Randolph in 1867.

See Price Family Tree.


Shaw, William H. History of Essex and Hudson Counties, New Jersey, Volume I. (Everts & Peck: Philadelphia, 1884), pages 615-616.

Honeyman, A. Van Doren. History of Union County, New Jersey 1664-1923, Volume II. (Lewis Historical Publishing Company, Inc.: New York and Chicago, 1923), pages 14-16.


Provenance Note:

The indenture for Daniel Price’s pew in the First Presbyterian Church of Lyon Farms, New Jersey was donated in 1965 by Mrs. F.M. McPhedran.  The source of the remainder of collection is unknown.


Scope and Content Note:

This collection is largely made up of the estate papers of Daniel Price as executed by Matthias Price.  It also contains a smaller amount of Daniel Price’s papers and papers of the allied Randolph family.  The collection dates from 1826-1938.

Daniel Price’s estate was settled between 1892-1898, which are the bulk dates for the collection.  The estate papers largely consist of the releases signed by each organization and person that received money as stated in Price’s will.  There is also a copy of the will and court records documenting the contesting of the will led by Henry and Thompson Price, Daniel’s brothers.  Lastly, there are bills and cancelled checks of the estate.

The papers of Daniel Price in the collection are mostly made up of land indentures.  These indentures are dated between 1826-1870 and are for land in Newark, New Jersey, mostly on Mulberry Street.  There are also a few legal documents including the articles of agreement ending Daniel Price’s partnership in the varnish business with John D. Fitz-Gerald. Additionally, there are personal and business account books used by Daniel Price.  The personal account books date from 1867 and 1873-1879 and divide expenses into such categories as household, rent, insurance, taxes, children, and sundries.  The business ledger in the collection records transactions by Daniel Price’s varnish business with Pascal B. Smith.  The entries are chronological and record the name of the purchaser, the item bought, and the price.  The ledger runs from October 1833 to May 1836.

The collection also contains two ledgers from the Lee-Foster Land and Cattle Company in southern Colorado and northeastern New Mexico, of which Lewis V. Fitz Randolph was the treasurer.  These ledgers run from 1896-1898 and track the business transactions of the company.  The journal runs chronologically, traces payments and moneys received, and starts with an accounting of the company’s properties, both land and cattle.  The second volume is called a ledger and records money transactions by categories, such as wages, profit/loss, and taxes; by people, such as Henry R. Halloway and John J. Cahill; and by banks, such as the Trinidad National Bank.  The ledger is indexed.  The Randolph series also contains a folder of documents dealing with the estate of Marion F. Randolph.  These items, for example a receipt for her gravestone, are secondary to the settlement of Randolph’s estate.

Lastly, there are also a number of miscellaneous documents in the collection.  These are largely made up of land deeds for people whose relation to the Price family is unknown.  Legal documents in this series include the will of Elizabeth Ogden, estate executor appointments for the estates of Mary Mead and George F. Price, and a fire insurance policy of Frederick Snedeker.


Box/Folder List:





Daniel Price




Land indentures




Land indentures




Legal documents:

Bond-Benjamin and John H. Lord to Daniel Price and Lorenzo A. Sykes 1841
Indenture for a pew in the First Presbyterian Church at Lyons Farms (now Newark) 1850
Articles of agreement ending partnership of Daniel Price and John D. Fitz-Gerald 1867



Personal account books

1867, 1873-1879



Business ledger, with Pascal B. Smith



Estate of Daniel Price




Legal papers:

Copy of last will and testament and codicils 1892
Contract for lawyer’s service by Henry and Thompson Price 1893
Decree affirming probate of will 1893
Settlement of law suit 1893
Mary A. Hopkins-Claim to estate with power of attorney 1893
Audit decree on estate 1894
Audit decree on estate 1895
Decree on final account 1898
Estate settlement dispute between Matthias & Henry Price, chancery court n.d.
Proof of claim of Matthias Price n.d.



Refunding bonds and releases, heirs B-H

1893, 1894

Emma A. Bond
Jane C. Bruch
Daniel P. Burnham
Eliza Burnham
Laura F. Ford
Samuel F. Fowler
Anna A. Gould
Cordelia A. Halloway
Charlotte M. Holder
Frank C. Hopkins



Refunding bonds and releases, heirs L-James B. Price:

1893, 1894

Adele S. Langstroth
J. Howard Porter
Sarah W. Porter
Clinton B. Price
D. Frank Price
Elizabeth M. Price
Henry Price
J. Wilbur Price
James B. Price



Refunding bonds and releases, heirs Matthias Price-W

1893, 1894

Matthias Price
Sarah E. Price and Charles Z. Price
Thomas E. Price
Thompson Price
William Henry Price
William P. Price
Emily C.F. Randolph
Phebe Taylor
Evelyn S. Wilcox



Refunding bonds and releases, organizations A-B

1896, 1898

American Bible Society
American Seaman’s Friend Society
American Tract Society
Board of the Church Erection Fund of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the USA
Board of Foreign Missions of the Presbyterian Church in the USA
Board of Home Missions of the Presbyterian Church in the USA



Refunding bonds and releases, organizations G-S

1893, 1896, 1898

German Theological School of Newark, NJ
Newark Female Charitable Society
Society for the Relief of Respectable Aged Women
Trustees of Donations for Education in Liberia
Trustees of the Presbyterian Board of Publication and Sabbath School Work



Cancel of mortgages for organizations




Court bills, suit against Henry Price, et al.








Cancelled checks



Randolph Family




Marion Fitz Randolph estate papers:

Letter-J.W. Van Sickle to Lewis V. F. Randolph 1884
Letter-Stanley Burner to Marion F. Randolph (II) 1937
Account book 1938
Receipt for gravestone 1938
Warranty for coffin 1938



Lee-Foster Land and Cattle Company: Journal




Lee-Foster Land and Cattle Company: Ledger







Land documents:

Deed-James B. Burnet to David M. Fitz-Gerald 1842
Deed-Jacob Hughes and wife to Stephan M. Bounel 1835
Deed-Jacob Hughes and wife to Ananias Baldwin 1834
Deed-John Taylor Johnston and wife to Emily C.F. Randolph 1876
Deed-James Miller and wife to Edward Brogan 1844
Deed-James Miller and wife to Edward Brogan 1848
Deed-Samuel R. Winans, William Brown, and William Grummon to Benjamin M. Sabin 1842
Map-Orchard and Pennington Streets, Newark, NJ 1910



Legal documents:

Mary Mead:
- Certificate establishing executors of her estate 1908
- Bond-William H. Bryan to Mary Mead 1890
- Mortgage-William H. and Minnie A. Bryan to Mary Mead 1890
Elizabeth Ogden:
- Copy of Will 1868
George F. Price:
- Certificate establishing executors of estate 1893
- Death certificate 1893
Periam Price:
- Bond-Geo. W. Halsted to Periam Price 1836
Frederick L. Snedeker:
- Fire insurance policy (mortgage clause to Mary Mead) 1905-1908


Price Family Tree:

Daniel Price (1767-1824) = Phebe Thompson (d.1857)

1) William Price (1791-1796)

1) Jonathan Price (b.1794)

1)Phebe Price (b.1796) = ( ) Burnham

2) Mary Ann Burnham (Sowers)

3) Harriet B. Sowers (Marot)

3) Emma B. Sowers (Moore)

2) Eliza Burnham

2) Jane Burnham (Richardson)

3) Nettie Richardson (Tuchfarber)

3) Scott Richardson

3) Hattie Richardson (Hare)

2) John Burnham

2) Daniel P. Burnham

2) Phebe Burnham (Taylor)

1) Daniel Price (1799-1892) = Charity ( ) (d.1885)

1) William W. Price (1802-1890) = ( )

2) Elizabeth M. Price

2) Sarah W. Price (Porter)

2) Mary L. Price (Fowler)

2) J. Wilbur Price

1) David Price (1805-1885) = Adeline ( )

2) Charles C. Price

2) Mary A. Price (Hopkins)

2) Emma A. Price (Bond)

2) Jane C. Price (Bruen)

2) Thomas E. Price

2) Anna G. Price (Gould)

2) D. Frank Price

2) Adela S. Price (Langstroth)

1) Thompson Price (b.1808) = Frances ( )

2) James B. Price

2) George F. Price (c.1836-1893)

2) William Henry Price

1) Henry Price (b.1810) = Marion ( )

2) William P. Price

1) Matthias Price (1814-1902) = Emily Catherine Judd (1817-1907)

2) Laura F. Price (Ford)

2) Cordelia A. Price (Halloway)

2) Clinton P. Price

2) Evelyn S. Price (Wilcox)

2) Emily Caroline Price = Lewis V. Fitz Randolph (1838-1921)

3) Virginia Fitz Randolph

3) Marion Fitz Randolph

3) Caroline Fitz Randolph

3) Josephine Fitz Randolph

3) Elizabeth Blossom Fitz Randolph


Processed by Kim Charlton, December 1999 as part of the "Farm to City" project funded by a grant from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission.

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