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-- Manuscript Group 674, Anthony Walton White (1750-1803), Cavalry officer Papers, 1740-1868

Archives Documents, Manuscripts, Maps, & Photographs

Manuscript Group 674, Anthony Walton White (1750-1803), Cavalry officer

Papers, 1740-1868, 0.15 linear feet / 7 folders

Call Number: MG 674 + folder number


Correspondence and legal documents of White and several members of the White and Evans families of New Brunswick and vicinity.  Included are letters of:

John Bayard Staats Morris John Shippen
Joseph Bloomfield Henry Laurens Pinckney Philip Van Horne
Robert Morris (1734-1806 John Rutherfurd (1760-1840) Henry A. Wise

White was an officer in the Revolutionary War and General of Cavalry during the Whiskey Rebellion in 1794.

Gift of Mr. and Mrs. J. Donald Jordan, 1966.


Biographical Note:

Anthony Walton White, the son of Elizabeth Morris (1712-ca.1784) and Anthony White (1717-1787), was born at his parentís estate near New Brunswick, New Jersey on July 7, 1750.  He was well-educated and tended to the family estate until the outbreak of the Revolution when he was appointed a major in the army and aide-de-camp to General George Washington in October of 1775. By December 1779, he was appointed lieutenant colonel of the Third New Jersey Continental Dragoons, and by 1780 was appointed lieutenant-colonel commandant of the First Regiment of Cavalry.  He fought in both the northern and southern battles zones, including battles in Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina.  During a period of pay and ration shortages for the soldiers, White privately funded his men, and later acted as security on their loans.  When the loans came due White was forced to cover the debts losing large amounts of money in the process.  He later attempted to recover the losses through an appeal to Congress, but the effort was unsuccessful.

In the spring of 1783, he married Margaret Ellis (ca. 1768-1850), and after the war ended the couple settled in New York and had a daughter, Eliza Mary (1794-1861).  Due to a number of bad investments, White lost his personal inheritance and in 1793, moved back to New Brunswick, New Jersey.  The following year, however, President Washington appointed him general of the Cavalry in the expedition to put down the Whiskey Rebellion. Four years later, on July 19, 1798, he was commissioned a brigadier-general of the United States Army.  Anthony Walton White died on February 10, 1803.


Woodhull, Ann M.W. "Memoir of Brig. Gen. Anthony Walton White of the Continental Army," Proceedings of the New Jersey Historical Society, Series II, Vol. VII, pgs. 106-115.


Provenance Note:

These papers were donated by Mr. and Mrs. J. Donald Jordan in 1966.


Scope and Content Note:

The papers, dating from 1740-1868, consist of correspondence to or about Anthony Walton White, and a small number of land indentures and receipts.  The documents have been arranged by record type.

Correspondents in the collection include John Bayard, Joseph Bloomfield, William R. Boote, Eliza M. Evans, N. Gouverneur, Joseph Howell, Robert Morris (1734-1806), Staats Morris, John Rutherfurd (1760-1840), John Shippen, Samuel L. Southard, Philip Van Horne, George Washington, Anthony White, and Margaret (Ellis) White.  The correspondence generally covers the financial affairs of Anthony Walton White before and after his death, but also touches on the Revolution and military experiences.

In addition to two land indentures and a few receipts, the collection contains a 1794 true copy of the copyright given to White for his "The Military System for the New Jersey Cavalry" and a list of the papers of Margaret (Ellis) White.


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Container List:






Correspondence to Anthony Walton White from:


John Bayard

January 30, 1790


John Beatty

January 26, 1797


Aug. (T?) Cortlandt

March 5, 1789


Erasmus Giles

May 29, 1782


N. Gouverneur (partial letter)



Robert Morris

June 12, 1802


John Rutherfurd

March 3, 1799


John Shippen

July 26, 1796


Philip Van Horne (with reply)

[ ] 4, 1784


George Washington (copy)

October 8, 1781


Correspondence to Anthony White from:


Lewis Morris

April 17, 1752


White Outerbridge

March 25, 1775


Correspondence to Margaret (Ellis) White from:


Van Rensselaer [ ]




July 9, [18]35


Other Correspondence to:


N. Biddle from H[ ] Binney

February 7, 1829


William R. Boote from Staats Morris

October 14, 1797


William R. Boote from Samuel Hodgson

October 11, 1797


Eliza M. Evans from H.L. Pickney

May 9, 1836


Eliza Evans from John Rutherfurd

April 5, 1823


Eliza M. Evans from John Rutherfurd

June 1, 1825


Eliza M. Evans from John Rutherfurd

February 7, 1827


Eliza M. Evans from Mrs. Stockton

August 15, 1822


Hon. Mr. [ ] Paterson from Joseph Bloomfield

[Sept?] 8, 1799


John Rutherfurd from Joseph Howell

December 20, 1792


Samuel L. Southard from Joseph Bloomfield

March 1808


Tom [ ] from S.V.R. Paterson

October 27, 18[40?]


[ ] from Samuel [ ]child

July 11, 1818


[ ] from Henry A. Wise

January 21, 1841




Lewis Morris, Govenor of the Province of New Jersey, to Vincent Pearse Esq., Captain in His Majestyís navy

March 12, 1740


Anthony White to John Bartholemew

January 21, 1767


Receipts and returns:


Receipt for money received from William [Paterson?], signed by John Bayard

July 6, 1791


Return for "Extra Whiskey for Eleaven men of the 2nd Regt of Artillerists & Engineers in Genl. Fatigue, boating stones," signed by J.W. Livingston and Henry Gaither

December 8, 1801


Return for "Extra Whisky for Eleven men Belonging to the artillery on Fatigue Boating Stones," signed by J.W. Livingston and Henry Gaither

December 18, 1801


Return for whiskey (partial)





True copy of a copyright given to Anthony Walton White for "The Military System for the New Jersey Cavalry" (there are two copies of this pamphlet in the Societyís library: Call Nos. E N6 and N040 N42 v.30)



Program for the "Junior Exhibition, Class of Sixty-Nine, Rutgers"

June 16, 1868


List of the "Papers of Mrs. White"

January 28, 1818


Processed by Kim Charlton, October 2000 as part of the "Farm to City" project funded by a grant from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission.

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