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-- Manuscript Group 870, Reeve Schley Papers, 1904 - 1944

New Jersey Historical Society Library

Manuscript Collection


Manuscript Group # 870

Reeve Schley Papers

Papers, 1904-1944

25 feet


Transcribed by Stephen M. Sullivan,



Biographical Note:


Reeve Schley, Sr.(1881-1960) served as United States fuel administrator for New York County, 1917-19; mayor of Far Hills, 1920-34; vice-president of the Chase National Bank; vice-president of the Howe Sound Company, 1917-36; member and president of the American-Russian Chamber of Commerce, 1923-39; and a fund raiser for both the Republican National Committee and for Republican candidates in New Jersey.




This collection was donated to the Society by Mr. Reeve Schley Junior, the son of Reeve Schley, whom this collection is named.


Scope and Content Notes:


The Reeve Schley Papers span the years 1881-1960, and contain correspondence, business and legal papers, scrapbooks, and financial records. The collection includes some correspondence with William E. Borah, Joseph S. Frelinghuysen, Cordell Hull, Frank B. Kellogg, Kate Prentice Schley, Charles H. Smith, and Spencer Williams.


Gift of Reeve Schley, Jr.


Manuscript Group # 870

Reeve Schley Papers

Papers, 1904-1944

25 feet






Personal matters – correspondence May 25, 1914 – March 29, 1929

Personal matters April 11, 1929 – 1938, includes correspondence and records concerning house at Far Hills 1922-1936, letter from American Defense Society (1924), letters to General McReeve Schley’s uncle, 1930-1935. Contains comment on 1932 Presidential election. Correspondence concerning Mrs. Kate Prentice Schley, 1922-1956. Bedminster Police Department 1923.


Papers as mayor of Far Hills, New Jersey 1920-1934

Educational papers


Business papers, A-Z


Correspondence and records of fund raising activities of Republican National Committee and New Jersey State Republican Committee 1918-1930


Correspondence, records, newspaper clippings


Records and correspondence, Island Sock Farm, Dairymen’s League, Swackhammer farm, and Far Hills Land Corporation, 1919-1944


Estate papers of Grant B. Schley; Evelyn Schley; Charles E. Schley; Ada Schley; Meluina Kent; Jeanne DeCroix Schley; Helen Schley Yates; William S. Prentice


Legal documents


Business Interests: Alas Corporation, 1919-1936 Jersey City, New Jersey

E.W. Bliss, 1932-1938, Brooklyn, New York

Britannia Melting and Smelting Company, Limited 1921-1931

Cam Investment Company, Limited, 1932-1938, New York City

Chase National Bank, 1921-1931, New York City

Cyclops Steel Company, 1916-1919, New York City

Dodge Brothers Incorporated, New York City

Far Hills Bank, 1921

510 Park Avenue Corporation 1928-1935

Gas Electric Vehicle Company, 1924, New York City

Gerarrenty(?) Trust Company

Howe Sound Company, 1917-1936, New York City

Industrial Motors Corporation, 1922-1927, New York City

One East Avenue Corporation 1929-1936

El Potasi, New York City 1925-1928

River House Incorporated, 1929-1936, New York City

Booke(?) Automatic Register Company, 1904-1921

Selecto Industries, 1919-1921

Seldom Truck Company, 1923-1925

Shanferoke Coal Corporation, 1930-1934, New York City

Terry and Company Insurance, 1924-1934, New York City

Tractor Service Corporation, 1920, New York City

Under___ Elliot Fisher Company, 1920-1932, Delaware

United Satetes Company, 1927-1929, New York City

Waco Tock Oil and Gas Company, 1923-1929, Clarkston, West Virginia




Lenox Hill Association, 1922-1926

New York State Chamber of Commerce

Roosevelt Association, 1919

Saint Paul School, 1921-1956

Yale Athletic Association, 1920-1926

Yale Athletic Association, 1926-1936

Phelps Association, 1927-1933

Records of Contributions, 1930-1931


American-Russian Chamber of Commerce, 1923-1941

Newspaper clippings on Russian trade, chamber, 1923-1940

Reeve Schley’s impressions of Russia after trip of 1936

Correspondence with Amtory(?) Corporation, 1926-1931

Letters between Ebenezer and National Civic Association, 1927-1932

Letters of Impressions of Russia by the Chambers Representative there Charles H.                   Smith, 1926-1933

Spencer Williams 1933-1940

Correspondence and resolution on recognizing U.S.S.R., 1932

Letters from Frank B. Kellogg, June 1926 (3)

Letters to and from Cordell Hull Secretary of State, July 1934

Letter to Trotsky, December 14, 1926

Letters to and from Senator William E. Bocah, Chairman Senate foreign Relation Committee, October 1927

Correspondence from Russia and reaction to the outbreak of World War II, closing of Moscow office, 1939

Memorandom to(?) concerning American sentiment toward Russia, 1932


Campaign of Dweight Morrow for Joseph Frelinghuysen for contributor

List of contributors, 1920 campaign, costs of 1920 campaign


Island Stock Farm, 1922-1944, balance sheets, correspondence, tax returns (1928-1944), bisiness with Dairyman’s Association, maps and plans of farm


Legal Papers; concerning trust agreement with Carl F. Boker, 1921; correspondence on the states power to tax, October 1919; Correspondence concerning trust funds, September 1919; correspondence concerning Schley __Company, 1922-1923; Lease for apartment, 1929


Box 1:    Miscellaneous categories including business and financial records, business letters in reference to charitable organizations, material on Russian Americans, and government work in Final(?) Administration


Box 2:     Business correspondence, financial reports, blueprints, 1923-1925


Box 3:     Contains business correspondence, financial reports letters referencing the Final Administration, 1917-1926


Box 4:      Business correspondence, letters referencing Republican campaign, New Jersey in 1925. Letter regarding guardianship of estate for a Schley family member under age. (1925-1928)


Box 5:     Personal and business correspondence. Some business reports and blueprints, 192901930


Box 6:     Business correspondence and related material, 1929-1938


Box 7:     Business  papers and related materials and documents, 1929-1930’s


Box 8:     Business letters and records


Box 9:     Miscellaneous categories including papers in reference to Evelyn Schley, business matters and printed paper documents, 1920’s


Box 10:   Papers in reference to Russian chamber commission, 1929-1932


Box 11:   Business, financial and legal papers


Box 12:   Personal, business and financial papers


Box 13:   Clippings, correspondence, ect. On Russian American relations, 1929-1930’s


Box 14:   Papers on Russo-American relations including clippings, letters and speeches ect. Late 1920’s early 1930’s


Box 15:   Miscellaneous correspondence, including personal and references to Russian American chamber of Commerce and Columbia University, Political Science Department


Box 16:   Business relating to Chase National Bank and (?) on contributions, 6 Yale Alumni Fund


Box 17:   Material on Yale Alumni Fund in folders, 1933-1936; papers on St. Pauls School in folders and Terry and Company. This would seem to be business papers


Box 18:   Printed material on Russian economic and some printed material on American companies


Box 19:   Financial records, records of subscription to Russian journal, late 1920’s and early 1930’s. personal business referencing May Cchley; Yale Alumni Fund; miscellaneous business papers


Box 20:   Miscellaneous folders on business meetings, clubs and dinners, business correspondence, folders on estate of Evelyn Schley and other personal business.


Box 21:   Business reports and miscellaneous printed materials relating to Russian commerce and other printed matter


Box 22:   Financial records, business papers and correspondence of Reeve Schley, 1922, and correspondence referring to New Jersey Emergency Relief Association. Letter to Schley from A. Warthy(?) Moore, Governor of New Jersey


Box 23:   Business letters, various financial papers, Russian American chamber of commerce papers, folder referring to architectural ___ with mention of Rockafeller Center.


Box 24:   Business letter and __ referring to Saint Paul’s School, 1926-1929


Box 25:   Personal and business correspondence, 1924-1929


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