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-- Manuscript Group 905, Ogden Family (Newark and Elizabeth, NJ), Papers, 1733 - 1777

Archives Documents, Manuscripts, Maps, & Photographs

Manuscript Group 905, Ogden Family (Newark and Elizabeth, NJ)

Papers, 1733 - 1777, 0.1 linear feet / 6 items

Call Number: MG 905


Letters and documents of Josiah Ogden (ca. 1679-1763), Gabriel Ogden (b. 1733), John Ogden (1743-1815), and Robert Ogden (1687-1733) and his sons.  Two letters relate to the New York merchants Garret Rapalje and John Schuyler.

Gift of Henry W. Pilch.


Biographical Note:

The Ogden family in New Jersey is descended from the children of John and Jane Ogden, who immigrated to America from England in 1640.  The extended family was quite large and resided mostly in Elizabethtown (now Elizabeth) and Newark, New Jersey.

The Ogdens in this collection include Josiah Ogden (ca. 1679-1763), the son of Elizabeth Swaine and David Ogden, and the grandson of John and Jane Ogden.  He was born and resided in Newark, where he was a member of the General Assembly from 1716-1721.  On a Sunday in 1733, Josiah Ogden saved his wheat fields from flooding and thereby came into conflict with the First Presbyterian Church of Newark, of which he was a member.  This episode was the beginning of a split in the First Presbyterian Church and led to the founding of the Trinity Episcopal Church of Newark.

Josiah had three children with his first wife Catharine Hardenbroeck: David, Catharine, and Mary.  He had two children with his second wife Mary Bankes: Jacob and Josiah, Jr.

Robert Ogden (1687-1733), the son of Rebekah and Jonathan Ogden, and the grandson of John and Jane Ogden, was born and lived in Elizabethtown, New Jersey.  He was a landowner and the collector for Essex County in 1720-1721. He married Hannah Crane with whom he had six children: Hannah, Robert, Phebe, Moses, Elihu, and David. After Hannah’s death, Robert married Phebe (Baldwin) Roberts and they had three children: Rebecca, Mary, and Sarah.

David Ogden (1726-1801), Hannah and Robert Ogden's son, married Hannah Woodruff, with whom he had five children.  Robert Ogden (1716-1787), David’s brother, was born in Elizabethtown, New Jersey.  He was the recorder for that borough, a judge, a member of the Provincial Assembly, deputy secretary of the Council, and speaker of the Assembly.  Around 1775, after refusing to add his signature to a petition to Great Britain regarding the Stamp Act, he resigned from the Assembly.  When the Revolution started, however, he sided with the colonials.

Robert Ogden married Phebe Hatfield in 1736 and they had thirteen children together.

Gabriel Ogden (b. 1733) was the great-great grandson of John and Jane Ogden. His parents were Uzal Ogden (1705-1780) and Elizabeth Charlotte Thébault.  He had two daughters, Mary and Charlotte.

There were numerous Johns in the Ogden family, but the John Ogden in this collection is probably Captain John Ogden, Jr. (1743-1815).  Captain Ogden was a cousin to Gabriel Ogden, for their fathers, Judge John Ogden (1709-1795) and Uzal Ogden, were brothers.  Captain John’s mother was Hannah Sayre.

Captain John Ogden, Jr. married Rhoda Pierson with whom he had ten children. He attained the rank of captain during the Revolutionary War.


Wheeler, William Ogden. The Ogden Family in American, Elizabethtown Branch, and Their English Ancestry (J.B. Lippincott Company: Philadelphia, 1952).


Provenance Note:

This collection was a gift of Henry W. Pilch, date unknown.


Scope and Content Note:

This Ogden Family Papers consist of six items dating from 1733-1777, almost all of which come from different members of the Ogden family: Josiah Ogden, Gabriel Ogden, John Ogden, and Robert Ogden and his sons.  The documents include receipts for money paid, an order for goods from a local merchant, land documents, and one piece of correspondence. They are arranged by family member.


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Item List:

Item Title Dates
Josiah Ogden (ca. 1679-1763)
1 Land grant from Joseph and Johannah Prudden to Jos. Johnson, Jr., witnessed by Josiah Ogden, attested to by Joseph Bonnel May 3, 1733
Robert Ogden (1687-1733) and Sons
2 Receipt – Money paid by Robert Ogden (1716-1787) October 31, 1739
3 Letter- David Ogden to Robert Ogden (1716-1787) April 25, 1760?
4 Division of land to the children of Robert Ogden (1687-1733) n.d.
Gabriel Ogden (b.1733)
5 Request to Garrat Rappalje for supplies for Captain Hadden, signed by Gabriel Ogden July 2, 1759
John Ogden, Jr. (1743-1815)
6 Receipt – Money paid by Captain James Wheeler, signed by Lieutenant John Ogden April 6, 1777


Processed by Kim Charlton, October 1999 as part of the "Farm to City" project funded by a grant from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission.


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