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-- Manuscript Group 1082 Jack C. Richer Papers, 1917 - 1919

Archives Documents, Manuscripts, Maps, & Photographs

Manuscript Group # 1082

Jack C. Richer Papers

Papers, 1917 - 1919

32 folders (3 boxes)



Processed by C.A.L.

Updated by S. Sullivan

February 2000



Biographical Sketch:


Jack Richer was born in Newark in 1893, attended Barringer High School, graduated from Rutgers College in 1913, and New Jersey Law School in 1916.  After graduating from law school Jack joined the United States Navy for two years, 1917-1919 and followed his military career by working for the New Jersey State Highway department and then the Newark Water Department. 


Scope and Content Notes:


The Jack C. Riucher Papers consist of letters Richer sent and received during his military service in World War I, and spans the years 1917-1919.  The collection also includes various military documents pertinent to Richer’s service, as well as newspaper clippings and other memorabilia.    Much of the material documents the experiences of a Jewish family in New Jersey during World War I. Elements of the collection are in Yiddish.


The collection has several research values.  Richer’s correspondence provides information on his experience in war-time France, and more importantly, the full interchange of letters between Richer and his family reveals ways in which the war affected the life of a Jewish family in Newark.  Also, the effect of the war on Newark itself are evident through this collection.  These papers are pertinent to research on war, women, ethnic groups and urban history.




This collection was donated to the Society as a gift from the Richer Cousins Club in 1978.  This organization is comprised of various family members of the Richer family dedicated to the research, and preservation of the Richer family heritage.


Manuscript Group # 1082

Jack C. Richer Papers

Papers, 1917-1919





Folder                         Description


1-3       Jack Richer to Barnett C. Richer, 1917-1919 (approx. 85 items)

                        Richer’s letters to his father, written in Washington, Newport, Paris, and elsewhere.

                        Chiefly concerning his military training and experiences.  Several items are written in



4-6       Jack Richer to Jennie Richer, 1917-1919 (approx. 100 items)

                        Richer’s letters to his sister Jennie describing his experiences on arriving in France.

Characterizes life in that country, and contains specific references to the activities of

Jewish soldiers in the A.E.F.  Numerous enclosures are filed with their respective letters.


7          Jack Richer to Eva Richer, November 28, 1918 (1 item)

                        Richer describes the A.E.F.’s Thanksgiving dinner to his sister


8          Jack Richer to friends, 1917-1919 (approx. 10 items)

                        Written in France, these describe wartime experiences


9          Letters from Howard Richer, 1918-1919 (approx. 8 items)

                        Chiefly pertain to family matters


10-13   Letters from Jennie Richer, 1917-1919 (approx. 100 items)

                        Chiefly pertain to family matters


14        Letters from Pauline Richer, 1917-1918 (approx. 10 items)

                        Richer’s sister writes chiefly about family matters but also describes her

employment at Prudential Insurance in Newark


15        Letters from Israel Richer, 1917-1919 (approx. 15 items)

                        Richer’s brother writes chiefly about family matters


16-17        Letters from Anna Richer, 1917-1918 (approx. 75 items)

                        Richer’s sister’s letters chiefly concern family affairs.  Her November 1918

letters comment on peace celebrations in Newark


18-19        Letters from Eva Richer, 1917-1919 (approx 50 items)

                        Richer’s sister’s letters chiefly concern family matters.  One, February 21, 1919

describes a visit to a Newark spiritualist


20-28   General Correspondence, 1917-1919 (approx 600 items)

                        Letters to and from friends concerning the war, the Rutgers alumni association,

Newark’s commission form of government and other subjects


29        Papers referencing Navy Service, 1917-1919 (approx 15 items)

                        Contain military service documents, including a description of Richer’s tour of duty


30        Newsletters 1917-1919 (approx 30 items)

                        Published by War Service Bureau, Rutgers University, informing Rutgers alumni in

the armed forces of Rutgers activities


31        Rutgers Alumni in Military Service, (10 items)

                        Materials pertinent to Rutgers alumni in the armed forces


32        Miscellaneous (approx 10 items)

                        Includes, among other things, French playbills from the war era

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