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-- Manuscript Group 1366, Historical Society Photograph Collections

Archives Documents, Manuscripts, Maps, & Photographs




MG 1366


NEW JERSEY SUBJECT PHOTOGRAPHS, 1880s-present. 5 ln.ft.  MG 1366



Organized alphabetically and by size.


This series consists of original photographs and prints and photocopies of photographs relating to specific subjects or topics. Photographs were copied from the New Jersey "Places," "Newark," and "People" photographic series. Photographs documents the activities and events associated with various professions, people or groups, types of transportation, political groups, and wars. Subjects include African-Americans, airplanes, amusement parks, beach scenes, bicycle clubs (1890s), boats, bridges, cemeteries, ceremonies, construction sites, Klu Klux Klan in New Jersey,  laborers, organizations, railroads, sports, transportation, women, the Civil War, the Spanish-American War, World War I, U.S. Marines in Haiti, the Revolutionary War, U.S. Navy, West Point, fictional characters, World's Fair (Columbian Exposition), Newark basketball teams (1905-1911) and many others. Other items include service record posters of several Civil War veterans, autographs and photographs of U.S. Presidents, Civil War envelopes, non-New Jersey stereocards, and many railroad related prints, oversized photographs and drawings.



Box 1/1                        African-Americans.

Box 1/2                        Airplanes/Aircraft.

Box 1/3                        Ambulances.

Box 1/4                        Amusement Parks & Areas.

Box 1/5                        Architectural Drawings.

Box 1/6                        Armories/Auditoriums.

Box 1/7                        Art.

Box 1/8                        Bank Vault.

Box 1/9                        Beach Scenes/Bathers.

Box 1/10                      Bells.

Box 1/11                      Bicycle Clubs, 1890s.

Box 1/12-13                Boats/Ships/Ferries/Submarines/lifeboats.

Box 1/14                      Bridges/Arches/Covered Bridges.

Box 1/15                      Camps.

Box 1/16                      Canals.

Box 1/17                      Cemeteries/Tombstones.

Box 1/18                      Ceremonies.

Box 1/19                      Children.

Box 1/20                      Construction Sites including WPA.

Box 1/21                      Costumes.

Box 1/22                      Crafts.

Box 1/23                     Cranberry Industry.


Box 1A/24                   D.A.R.

Box 1A/25                   Declaration of Independence, signers.

Box 1A/26                   Disasters.

Box 1A/27                   Docks/Ferry terminals/Piers/Dry Docks.

Box 1A/28                   Elephant Hotel--Lucy the Elephant of Margate.

Box 1A/29                   Farms & Farming.

Box 1A/30                   Fences.

Box 1A/31                   Fire Fighting Apparatus/Fire houses.

Box 1A/32                   Fireplaces/Chimneys/Chimney pots.

Box 1A/33                   Funerals/Mourning.

Box 1A/34                   Foundries. 

Box 1A/35                   Greenhouses. 


Box 2/1                        HABS (Historical American Buildings Survey).

Box 2/2                        Heating Devices/Stoves.

Box 2/3                        Horses/Stables/Pony Rides/Race Tracks.

Box 2/4                        Immigration Scenes.

Box 2/5                        Indians.

Box 2/6                        Industrial Sites (historic & Modern).

Box 2/6a                      Industry: Tool manufacturing (Eastern Tool & Manufacturing Co., ETAMCO)

Box 2/7                        KKK. Klu Klux Klan.

Box 2/8                        Laborers.

Box 2/9                        Legal System/Courts.

Box 2/10                      Life Saving/Coast Guard/Boat Rescues.

Box 2/11                      Lighthouses.

Box 2/12                      Military.

Box 2/13                      Ministers.

Box 2/14                      Miscellaneous.

Box 2/15                      Nursing—Incl.  Class of 1951-1953.

Box 2/16                      Organs/Churches/Houses/Factories.

Box 2/17                      Organizations--German-American Bund Andover, 1930's.

Box 2/18                      Parades.

Box 2/19                      Pets.

Box 2/19A                      Phonographs.

Box 2/20                     Politics.

Box 2/21                      Puritans.

Box 2/22                      Quilts.

Box 2/23-24                Railroads/Trains/Stations.


Box 2A/25                   Retail/Merchandise.

Box 2A/26                   Roads.

Box 2A/27                   Rooms (interiors).

Box 2A/28                   Slavery.

Box 2A/29                   Snow Scenes.

Box 2A/30                   Sports & Athletes (swimming/boating/fishing/golf/basketball)

Box 2A/31                   State Symbols (including NJ state seal)

Box 2A/32                   Streetlights/Gas.

Box 2A/33                   Swimming Pools.

Box 2A/34                   Synagogues.

Box 3/1                        Tents.

Box 3/1A                     Theaters.

Box 3/2                        Transportation.

Box 3/3                        Trolley cars/Tracks/Stations.

Box 3/4                        Trees.

Box 3/5                        Tunnels.

Box 3/6                        Vehicles (non-electric, i.e. horse-drawn carriages).

Box 3/7                       Vehicles (electric, i.e. cars, trucks).

Box 3/8                        Wagon Hoists & Inclined planes--see canals.

Box 3/9                        Waterfalls/Waterwheels.

Box 3/10                     Wildlife.

Box 3/11                      Windmills.

Box 3/12                     Women--eminent Women of 19th century.

Box 4/1                        Wars/Military-Civil War--Battle Sites.

Box 4/2                        Wars/Military-Civil War--Fort Sumter.

Box 4/3                        Wars/Military-Civil War--Memorials/Veterans.

Box 4/4                        Wars/Military-Civil War--Battlefields.

Box 4/5                        Wars/Military-Civil War--Prints.

Box 4/6                        Wars/Military-Civil War--Printed Photographs.

Box 4/7                        Wars/Military-Civil War--Prints of Civil War personalities and scenes.


Box 5/1-2                    Wars/Military-Civil War-Sharpesburg/Antietam.

Box 5/3                        Wars/Military-Civil War--Antietam.

Box 5/4-5                    Wars/Military-Civil War--Battle Sites & Memorials.

Box 5/6                        Wars/Military-Civil War--Soldiers.

Box 5/7-8                    Wars/Military-Civil War--Soldiers. Carte De Visites.

                                    See more Civil War material in Subject Oversize (below).


Box 6/1-2                    Wars/Military-Spanish-American War-- Joseph S. Frelinghuysen Sr. Photo Albums.


Box 6/3                        Wars/Military-Spanish-American War-- Camp Scenes. See more Spanish American War in oversized subject photographs.


Box 7/1-6                    Wars/Military-U.S. Marines in Haiti, ca. 1915.


Box 8/1-14                  Wars/Military-World War I. Photographs of U.S. Marines in France taken by Leon H. Caverly of New Jersey. Includes narrative of his trip overseas.


Box 8A/15-19              Wars/Military-World War I. Photographs of U.S. Marines in France taken by Leon H. Caverly of New Jersey.


Box 8A/20-23              Wars/Military-World War I Glass Plate Negatives of U.S. Marines in France taken by Leon H. Caverly of New Jersey.


Box 9                           Presidential Autograph Collection. Photographs or engravings of U.S. Presidents with autographs sometimes on the photo and other times attached under the image. Includes George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, John Quincy Adams, Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, James K Polk, Zachary Taylor, Franklin Pierce, Millard Fillmore,  James Buchannan, Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson, U.S. Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes, James A. Garfield, Chester A. Arthur, Grover Cleveland, Benjamin Harrison, William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, William H. Taft, Woodrow Wilson, Warren Harding, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton. Also some multiple copies of some Presidents, a set of engraving of every President from Washington to Hoover, other group engravings. Most 19th century and early 20th century Presidents are represented in the main "People" file with their own file. Norman Rockwell prints of Nixon and Kennedy. Some oversized items in Subject OS 9.


Box 10                         Railroads/Transportation:  Miscellaneous railroad related prints, engravings, photographs, clippings, and printed materials.  8 folders.  (See also OS6 & DOS )


Box 11                         Railroads/Transportation:  Miscellaneous railroad related;  Folders 1-2 Photographs; Folder 3—Jersey Central Lines, Liberty St. Ferry Schedule Ledger, 1958.  (See also OS6 & DOS)






OS 1/1             Wars/Military-Revolutionary War—War scenes and military leaders.


OS 1/2             Wars/Military-Revolutionary War-- prints of war leaders; photos of

                         landmarks; war scenes.


OS 1/3             Wars/Military-Revolutionary War—Lithographs by Currier including

                        Washington’s reception at Trenton.


OS 1/4             Presidential Prints by Currier.



OS 1A/1          Wars/Military-Civil War--"The Soldier in Our Civil War, 1897. Printed



OS 1A/2          Wars/Military-Civil War--H.P. Moore photos.


OS 1A/3          Wars/Military-Civil War--Monuments, Battle Sites, Soldiers, Graves.



OS 2/1             Wars/Military-Civil War--Group Photograph of Drum & Fife Corps,

                         James A. Garfield Post #4  GAR, Newark.


OS 2/2             Wars/Military-Civil War--Memorials, battle sites.


OS 2/3             Wars/Military-Civil War--Fort Sumter, ca. 1865.


OS 2/4             Wars/Military-Civil War--Fort Sumter, ca. 1865.


OS 2/5             Wars/Military-Civil War--Photos, prints, etc.


OS 2/6             Wars/Military-Civil War--Veterans in 1891 on horses in South Orange;

                         Marshall House, Alexandria; Vets, 1899; other photographs.


OS 2/7             Wars/Military-Civil War--Chancellorsville battlefield.


OS 2/8             Wars/Military-Civil War--U.S. ship J.P. Jackson, 1863.


OS 2/9-15       Wars/Military-Civil War—Matthew Brady’s “Incidents of War”

                        photographs. Several group photographs of soldiers; General McDowell &

                        staff; General Morrell’s Brigade (7 folders).


OS 2/16           Civil War Monuments, battle sites.       

OS 3/1             Wars/Military-Navy--Naval Battle scenes from the Revolution to 1917. In color.


OS 3/2             Wars/Military-Navy--Ships: U.S.S. Portmouth, 1905-1907; others.


OS 3/3             Wars/Military-Navy--Ships:U.S.S. Von Stueben.


OS 3/4             Wars/Military-Navy--Ships: Christening of the battleship New Jersey.1904.


OS 3/5             Wars/Military-Navy--Navy Prints.


OS 4                West Point Collection. 125 photographs of West Point cadets ca. 1872;                                   West Point grounds; facilities, group photographs etc. Unbound items                            apparently used for 1872 class book. Also Snap shots and glass plate                           negative of Basil Stevens, 1909-1910; matted photograph of Legion Bowl,                    1906; West Point in 1863 (group of cadets with well dressed women and                                  men; USMA 1913 (group photo with names listed on back.


OS 4                Oversized items from the Presidential Autograph Collection in Subject

                         Box 9.



OS 5/1             Military Uniforms.


            OS 5/2                         Wars/Spanish-American War, 1898--Troops in Texas.


OS 5/3             Engravings:  Asher B. Durand.


OS 5/4             Engravings:  Rowland C. Ellis (prints).


OS 5/5             Engravings:  John M. Foster  (prints).


OS 5/6             Engravings:  Thomas Nast, Francis Kearny, J.A. Adams.


OS 5/7             Engravings:  Henry E. Winzenried (?).


OS 5/8             Fashion:  Tearsheets and clippings, mid-nineteenth century.


OS 5/9             Recreation.


OS 5/10           Miscellaneous NJ


OS 6                Railroads/Transportation:  miscellaneous prints, photographs, and printed

                         materials.   9 folders.  (See also Subject boxes 10 & 11 and DOS Subject.



DOS                Wars/Military-Civil War--Service Record of William Astley.


DOS                Wars/Military-Civil War--Service Record of John P. Fairchild.


DOS                Wars/Military-Civil War--Service Record Alfred Husk, 7th NJ Volunteers.


DOS                Wars/Military-Civil War—Service Record, Samuel S. Force, 1st NJ Volunteers Camp 7.


DOS                Wars/Military-Civil War--Service Record John Hagen.


            DOS                            Wars/Military-Civil War--Military Register Company K 82nd Pennsylvania Volunteers---K. Woodward.


DOS                Wars/Military-Civil War--Military Register---15th Regiment NJ Volunteers;  1st Regiment, Company C,  N.J. Cavalry.


DOS                Wars/Military-Civil War--The Soldiers Record---14th Regiment. Company C. NJ Volunteer Infantry.


DOS                Wars/Military-Civil War—Soldiers Memorial: 9th Regiment, NJ Volunteers, Company K.


DOS                Wars/Military-Civil War-- Gettysburg Battlefield. Lithograph of troop placement and movement.


DOS                Wars/Military-Civil War--Photograph of Civil War veterans in front of a monument at Gettysburg.


DOS                World Fair--Columbian Exposition, Chicago World Fair, 1893. Display and casting of 1893 Liberty Bell (3 folders, 7 items).


DOS                World Fair--Columbian Exposition, Chicago Worlds Fair, 1893. Interior

                         and exterior of New Jersey building at the fair. See photo albums for 1904

                        Louisiana Purchase Exposition at the St. Louis Worlds Fair. Also two

                         lithographs of the New Jersey building at the Centential International

                         Exhibition in Philadelphia, 1876.  And More….new folders added.


DOS                Fictional Characters. National themes and some foreign scenes.


DOS                Railroad photographs and print. Includes photgraphs of several 19th and 20th century trains including the exterior and interiors of cars, blueprints, train artwork, engraving from 19th century magazines such as Harper's,printed photographs and many other items. Some New Jersey items. See other railroad files also.


DOS                Sports--Basketball Teams, 1905-1911. Including Lauter team and Hudson River League team. 5 items.


DOS                Railroad/Transportation I:  Steam Ferry, Endicott Lithos;  Lackawanna Ferry RR photo;  Noon train for NY—Paterson depor, Erie RR, 2/14/1867; RR Photos (2);  RR Prints;  RR posters (2);  Longwood RR; RR Blueprints (2);  Engine “Planet” of Camden and Amboy RR.


DOS                Railroad/Transportation II:  Railroad engines, nn-NJ photos;  railroad workers photos by William M. Rittase; RR engines, photos (2);  Steam ferry boat/RR engines, photos;  railroad photos;  RR-Non-NJ, photos and illustrations;  RR photograph by John Manning (?)/ Hoboken train sign;  RR photos and prints (3).


DOS                Railroad/Transportation III:  RR engines, non-NJ (5);  “American Locomotives: The Theory of Steam.” Engraving by Emil Reuter.;  RR Aqueducts photos.       








DOS                Political:  Political Cartoons, Non-NJ/United States, post-1850.


DOS                Political:  Political Cartoons, Non-NJ/ United States, pre-1850.


DOS                Political: Political Cartoons, N.J.—Includes William McDowell reference.


DOS                Civil War:  14th NJ Volunteers—18th Reunion in Jamesburg, NJ 9/10/1896.


DOS                Civil War:  Various NJ Regiments.


DOS                Miscellaneous Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA:  Alumni Building

                         (laying cornerstone), 1923;  Sigma Phi Anniversary, Schenectady…

                         (From MG 824, P.H.W. Smith Collection.)








Box 1/1                        Canada.

Box 1/2                        China/Japan.

Box 1/3                        Cuba.

Box 1/4                        Egypt.

Box 1/5                        England.

Box 1/6                        France.

Box 1/7                        Germany.


Box 2/1                        Germany/Czechoslovakia.

Box 2/2                        Greece.

Box 2/3                        Ireland.

Box 2/4                        Italy.

Box 2/5                        Jerusalem/Palestine.

Box 2/6                        Misc.

Box 2/7                        Misc.


Box 3/1                        Misc. Family scenes.

Box 3/2                        Misc. Places.

Box 3/3                        Misc. Trees.

Box 3/4                        Norway/Sweden.

Box 3/5                        Russia.

Box 3/6                        Scotland.

Box 3/7                        Switzerland/Austria.

Box 3/8                        U.S.A.  California.

Box 3/8                        U.S.A.  Colorado/Utah.

Box 3/9                        U.S.A.  Florida.


Box 4/1                        U.S.A.  Hawaii.

Box 4/2                        U.S.A.  Illinois.

Box 4/3                        U.S.A.  Massachusetts.

Box 4/4-7                    U.S.A.  Misc.


Box 5/1                        U.S.A.  Missouri.

Box 5/2                        U.S.A.  New Hampshire.

Box 5/3                        U.S.A.  New York

Box 5/4-5                    U.S.A.  New York--Niagara Falls.


Box 6/1-2                    U.S.A.  Pennsylvania.

Box 6/3                        U.S.A.  The South.

Box 6/4                        U.S.A.  Virginia.

Box 6/5                        U.S.A.  Washington D.C.

Also Underwood  & Underwood--U.S.A. Scenes.


                                                DAGUERREOTYPES, AMBROTYPES

                                                  & OTHER CASED PHOTOGRAPHS



1840's-1860's & a few later images. 318 items. MG  1365


Arranged numerically.


                Includes Daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, tintypes and other cased photographs. About one-half of the images in this series are identified while the other half are not identified. Subjects includes many children, Civil War soldiers, women about the time they were married, elderly women, one funeral image (Hannah Snedeker), and many of the clothing styles of the 1850s including parted hair, broaches, lace collars, very large bow ties, hats, coats, bonnets, and dresses. Also includes Civil War regiment, a factory and a few other buildings. Photographers represented in this collection (those noted on the images or cases) include Judson of Newark; Chase; Brady's Gallery, New York; Jenks Brothers; Holmes of New York; Meade Brothers; Bradley's Gallery in Philadelphia; Anson of New York; O.C. Benjamin, Newark; Jeremiah Gurney; Schnoonmaker, Troy, NY;  W. & W.E. Lewis, New York; Quinby, Newark; Rolf & Jenks, Newark; Knecht; W.A. Wellman, NY; Thompson, NY;  Davis & Co., Boston; Tyler & Co., Cincinnati; Wymans  & Co., Boston;  Miss M. MacFarlane, Boston; and Lawrence. The majority of cased photographs are not identified by maker, although the inventory lists a brief description that identifies unnamed images by gender, age or clothing. Families represented by multiple images include: Andreuss, Baldwin, Cairns, Canfield, Clark, Baker, Coddington, Coe, Comer, Congar, Dickerson, Dodd, Douglas, Drake, Furman,  Halsey, Halsted,  Holden, Lee, Marsh, Mulford, Munn, Landau, Ross, Sayre, Smalley, Symington, Van Wagenen,  and others. Individuals include: Mrs. Nathaniel Camp, John Willard Coddington, Rev. John Ford, General N.H. Halsted, Rev Mathew H. Henderson of Trinity Church in Newark, Jenny Lind (singer), Henry K. McDowell, Dr. S.C. Marsh, Isaac S. Mulford and his brothers,  Gov. William S. Pennington, General Jose Paez, General Winfield Scott, and many others.

                Only tintypes that have cases or frames are included in this series. There are many other tintypes elsewhere in the photograph collection. Many of  the daguerreotypes and ambrotypes have full cases with latches while others have only half a case. Others consist only of frames and glass. Some images are placed in small booklet type cases with "Token" or "Memorial" written on the spine. Also of note is a miniature album with several small tintype portraits.




1. Caleb Halsted Andruss. C4 UC 1031.

2. Emma H. Andruss with Thomas A. Lathrop. C4 UC1131. By Judson, Newark.

3. Clarence W. Alling (child in bloomers on chair).

4. Albert Baldwin [Catherine Harrison's brother] By Chase. C4 UC1029.

5. Lt. Joseph Condit Baldwin. Died 1864 in Va. by a shell.

6. Frederick & William Harrison Bayles, Kingston, NJ. Daguerreotype.

7. Son of Joseph & Abigail Tenley Burell. By Brady's Gallery, 205-207 Broadway, NY.

8. Henry  G. Byrant. Daguerreotype.

9. Mr & Mrs. Benjamin F. Cairns.  Daguerreotype.  Nichols Collection.

10. Oscar D. Cairns (teen) Daguerreotype. Nichols Collection.

11. Oscar D. Cairns (age 12) Daguerreotype.

12. Oscar D. Cairns (with beard)  Nichols collection.

13. Sophronia D. Cairns. Daguerreotype.  Nichols collection.

14. Duncan Campbell. (John M. Howe papers).

15. Mrs. Nathaniel Camp. Daguerreotype.

16. Augustus C. Canfield. Crystoleum C4 V-C 1029.

17. Woman in red hat (found in Augustus D. Canfield envelope) Crystoleum.

18. Frederic Canfield. Daguerreotype. C4 C1376.

19. Mahlon D. Canfield. Daguerreotype. C4 C1373.

20. Silas D. Canfield. Daguerreotype. C4 C1374.

21. Silas D. Canfield Daguerreotype by Jenks Brothers. C4 C1375.

316. Rev. Father Carrigan, Hoboken. C4 UC1881.

22. Carter, Pierson & Hale. 1851. Factory (drawn).

23. Mr. Chetwood from the Halsey Family. C4 UC1754.

24. Anna E. Loree Clark.

25. Elizabeth Clark Baker. Daguerreotype.

26. John Clark.

27. Julia Clark Baker.

28. Julia Clark & E. Baker. Daguerreotype.

29. Mary Ann Clark Boyd Anderson.

30. Sarah Clark.

31. Mary Holden Clarke.

32. John Willard Coddington.

33. William Coddington. Daguerreotype by Weston, 192 Broadway, NY.

34. William Coddington. Daguerreotype.

35. Alexander Coe.   Half case.

36. C. Amelia Coe.   Half case.

37. Moses B. Coe.    Half case. Daguerreotype.

38. Phoebe E. Coe.   Half case.

39. Sarah A. Coe.     No case.

40. Sarah A. Coe      Half case.  By Holmes, 288 Broadway, NY.

41. Theodore Coe.    Half case. Daguerreotype.

42. Aimee Alsop Colt. Blue felt oval miniature photo.

43. John Comer of  Manitoba, NJ (boy). 1965.31.

44. Israel Comer of Manitoba, NJ (large hat with beard) Daguerreotype. 1965.36.

45. Rebecca Comer Tice of Manitoba, NJ. 1965.32.

46. Lavinia Thomas Coleman. Daguerreotype. Miniature with no case. C1507.

47. Bruen Hayes Congar. Daguerreotype by Anson, 589 Broadway, NY. C-1990.

48. Mrs. Bruen Hayes Congar. Daguerreotype. Miniature half case.  C-1991.

49. Civl War Company of  D. Judson Cook. 27th NJ Regiment from Drakeville, Morris Co. Men holding sword and drum. No case.

317. Sarah Voorhees Cornell. Daguerreotype.

318. Hannah Frances Corson, Clayton, NJ. 1965.33.

50. Mahlon Dickerson. Daguerreotype. C4 C1371.

51. Philemon Dickerson. Daguerreotype C4 C1732.

52. Dodd siblings. 3 women, one man (elderly). Julia Dodd Wallace; Lydia Dodd Runyon; Jane Dodd Cranse; Mathias Dodd. Photo in case.

53. William H. Douglas & Martha H Johnson. Oval felt case.

54. Martha H. Johnson Douglas. Round miniture with screw-off top.

55. William H. Douglas. Oval wooden case. 1959. 19.

56. Ida E. Drake. Daguerreotype. Half case. Dec. 1958 gift.

57. Oliver Drake & Elizabeth Alward Drake. Dec. 1958 gift.

58. John L. Eils. "Taken on my leaving for the war, August 21, 1861." C4 C283.

59. Rev. John Ford, Parsippany. Daguerreotype by Holmes. C2279.

60. Mahala Furman. (Nichols Collection).

61. Polly Furman (Nichols Collection).

62. Emeline Inniss Geiger, wife of Henry Garthwaite Geiger. Daguerreotype. No Case. C1800.

63. Mary Woodruff Garthwaite. Daguerreotype. 6 1/2 x 6 wooden frame. UC 1594.

64. Emma S. Goble, 1804-1854.  Daguerreotype by Meade Brothers.

65. Eliza Ryerson Halsey, married Horatio Holden.

66. Mary Dayton Halsey, 1821-1892 & Eliza R. Halsey, 1813-1861 (sisters) Daguerreotype.

67. Sarah Cornelia Halsey Dayton.

68. Caleb Stockton Halsted, 1807-1876. Daguerreotype.

69. Joseph  Lyon Halsted, 1783-1807. Photo of painting by Bradley's Gallery 341 Market St. Philadelphia.

70. General N.H. Halsted. Half case in small box.

71. General  N.H. Halsted.  Daguerreotype.

72. Halsted family Naval Captain. Unidentified. Daguerreotype.

72. Halsted family member (man). C4 UC1764.

73. Halsted family member (woman and child). C4 UC 1757.

74. Halsted family member (man) C4 UC1762.

75. Halsted family member (man) By Brady's Gallery, NY. C4 UC 1759.

76. Halsted family member (man). C4 UC1755.

77. Halsted family member (man). C4 UC1760.

78. Halsted family member (man). Half case. C4 UC1758.

79. Halsted family member (man). Daguerreotype. No case. C4 UC1753.

80. Halsted family member (man). Daguerreotype. C4 UC1761.

81. Rev. Matthew H. Henderson, Rector of  Trinity Church, Newark, 1830-1856.

82. Horatio Holden, 1840-1919. Beard with large bow tie.

83. Horatio Holden, 1840-1919. Half case.  Daguerreotype.

84. William M. Lee, d. 1910.

85. William M. Lee. Daguerreotype.

86. Adelaide Larwill, wife of William M. Lee. By Anson, Broadway, NY.

87. Adelaide Larwill, wife of William M. Lee. Daguerreotype barely visible.

88. Jenny Lind (singer) with husband, Otto Goldschmidt. Daguerreotype.

89. Anna Johnes Little, Morristown. Daguerreotype.

90. Henry Kollack McDowell. Graduating in pharmacy with diplomas & books. MG 866.

91. Dr. S. C. Marsh of Newark. Father of Mrs. N.H. Halsted. Daguerreotype.

92. Horace Marsh. Daguerreotype.

93. Horace Marsh's wife.

94. Horace Marsh's mother-in-law. Daguerreotype.

95. Isaac Mathew, 1806-1883 or 84.  Daguerreotype. C4 C1604.

96. Harry Merrit. No case. By Davis & Co. Original 25 cent Ambrotypes, Boston.

97. Daniel Mersereau, with wife and child, Stokes Mersereau.

98. Linus W. Mooney. Oval miniature.

99. Mulford Brothers. Henry, Charles, Isaac S. & John. From Salem & Bridgeton.

100. Charles Mulford, 1790-1867. Salem.  Daguerreotype.

101. Calvin Munn.

102. Mary Squire Munn.

103. John Munn, died at Chancellorsville. Big bow tie.

104. John Munn.

105. Capt. Joseph Munn, Montclair.

106. Joseph Munn, William Leach & Wilbur Sanford. (3 men). By O.C. Benjamin, Artist, Broad St., Newark.

107. Joseph Munn.

108. Louise Munn.

109. Frank L. Price (child in dress).

110. James Price. Daguerreotype.

111. Gov. William Sanford Pennington. Daguerreotype. 1976.27.

112. William O'Blenis, married Margaret Coddinton.

113. Carolyn Landau. Daguerreotype cased in small booklet (Nichols Collection).

114. William C. Landau in tall hat (Nichols Collection).

115. William C. Landau in large bow tie. Oval case. (Nichols Collection).

116. Henrietta Ross. Daguerreotype. 1959.39C.

117. Lora Ellen Ross. 1959.39B.

118. Lora Ellen Ross. 1959.39G.

119. Lewis S. Ross & Friend in Civil War uniforms. No case. C4 C1648.

120. Elizabeth Jane Ross. 1952.39A.

121. Ira Wesley Ross and Lora Ellen Ross (2 children) 1952.39H.

122. Ann Eliza Kent (related to Ross family) 1959.39F.

123. Eliza Terry Waters (related to Ross family) 1959.39.I.

124. Catherine Romaine, b. 1826. Daguerreotype.

125. Roth woman from Kearny. No case or frame.

126. Elizabeth Stone Sayre & Marcus Sayre, married 1857. Two Daguerreotypes in double case by Powellson, Newark. 1963.121.

127. Elizabeth Stone Sayre & her infant son, Henry Niven Sayre, ca. 1858. By Judson & Co., Newark.

128. Amanda Sherpard.

129. Theodore Frelinghuysen Smalley, 1846-1913 & Almira Dunham Smalley, 1846-1913. Two images in oval case. 1953.53 &  1953.54.

130. Almira Dunham Smalley, 1846-1913. 1953. 55.

131. Mr & Mrs. Joseph Senior, Millburn. 2 ambrotypes.

132. Elizabeth Springer Summerman.

133. Robert Brown Symington, b. 1852. Oval painting in case. 1964.99.

134. W. Clark Symington of 2 Park Place, Newark. Ornate metal frame with broach of man playing violin and woman dancing.

135. Scherholz-Taylor. Two unidentified children. Half case. Daguerreotype.

136. Hannah Snedeker. Apparently dead. Daguerreotype. U4 UC1223.

137. General Jose Paez. 8 x 10 Daguerreotype from A.B. Canfield. C4 UC1793.

138. Lord Stirling. Daguerreotype. barely visible from miniature painting?

139. Edward E. Silt, ca. 1850 (young boy). Daguerreotype.

140. Rosina Smith, 14 years old. Half case.

141. General Winfield Scott. Daguerreotype, 4 1/2 x 6 1/2.

142. Calvin Webster. Daguerreotype (bound in "Token" case. Nichols Collection.

143. Mary Romaine Watson's Newfoundland dog.

144. Ann Doremus Van Wagenen. Daguerreotype. C2367.

145. Christina Van Wagenen. Daguerreotype.

146. Van Wangenen family member (man). Daguerreotype. Half case. C2369.

147. Stansbury Taylor. Daguerreotype.

148. Nichols collection. No identification.

149. Nichols collection. Man in hat.

150. Woman with curl "O" in hair. Half case. C$ UC1763.

151. Girl with bangs in dress. 1986.20.18. Photo.

152. Boy in chair. No case. Metal frame.

153. Two boys in a chair holding hands. Daguerreotype.

154. Mother & child. 2476.

155. Small girl in chair. Daguerreotype by J. Gurney.

156. Girl in chair. Daguerreotype by J. Gurney.

157. Image of painting. 18th century man. C4 UC1882.

158. Man in beard with top hat. C4 UC1032.

159. Small girl in long black dress. By Schoonmaker, Troy, NY.

160. Mother holding hand with daughter.

161. Man with beard. Daguerreotype. 2477.

162. Young man with large bow tie. Ambrotype.

163. Young man with hat & large bow tie, 1854. By Holmes, 289 Broadway, NY.

164. Elderly woman. Daguerreotype. From Congar estate. C1994.

165. Elderly woman. Daguerreotype. From Congrar estate. C1993.

166. Young man. Daguerreotype. 2475.

167. Mother and child.

168. Young girl with curls, 1855 or 1858. C4 UC1764.

169. Old man with white hair and beard.

170.  Tintype, portrait in frame made of bone (Lincoln relics) C4 UC1862.

171. Boy with scarf & a hat.

172. Child with belt leaning on a covered table.

173. Young man with lots of hair and a large bow tie, 1856. By Holmes, Broadway, NY.

174. Child in chair wearing bloomers, 1851. By W. & W.E. Lewis?142 Chatham, NY.

175. Painting of woman by Michkin?, NY.  Mid 20th century.

176. Woman. Blue background. Hand painted eyes & dress. Daguerreotype.

177. Woman with parted hair and lace collar.

178. Man? March 1858. By Quinby, Broad St. Newark.

179. Man in ornate case. "Memorial" on spine of case. Easily falls out.

180. Man--miniature.

181. Five men (brothers).

182. Elderly woman. Daguerreotype.

183. Older man in hat.. Daguerreotype.

184. Infant.

185. Woman with broach & child with bare shoulders wearing a polka dot dress. No case.

186. Young man in plaid pants. C4 C1679.

187.  Man with small son. Daguerreotype. No frame.

188. Balding man with sideburns in profile (large bow tie).

189. Two men (something between them either a piece of furniture or a dog).

190. Woman in black with broach. Frame states: "The Union Now and Forever.."

191. Woman with hair parted down middle and yellow broach. Daguerreotype. Oval miniature.

192. Half case. Image barely noticeable.

193. Man with sideburns and book in hands. Daguerreotype.

194. Man in suit. Daguerreotype. Cased in purple felt with "The Token" on spine.

195. Man with sideburns in suit.

196. Woman with lace collar.

197. Image, 1857 by Quinby 385 Broad, Newark.

198. Girl with shawl. By Schoonmakers, Troy, NY.

199. Young woman in short sleeves.

200. Girl in dress. By Rolf & Jenks, Broad St., Newark.

201. Girl in shoulder length hair in chair. By O.C. Benjamin, Newark.

202. Two sided man. Ambrotype by Knecht. Patented July 4 & 11, 1854.

203. Mother and child Daguerreotype by Anson, 589 Broadway, NY.

204. Man with beard no mustache and Woman with large bow on collar. Double case.

205. Woman with hair parted down the middle.

206. Man with big crop of hair brushed back.

207. Woman with bonnet (white lace). Daguerreotype.

208. Young man  Very miniature with brass frame-no case.

209. Woman with white sleeves. No case. Frame falling apart.

210. Woman holding book. Half case.

211. Mary. Spine read "Token." No cover. Daguerreotype.

212. Woman with long braids and a flowery dress.  Daguerreotype.

213. Two men (perhaps brothers) with prominent noses and pushed back hair.

214. Two men and two women. One woman has nearly disappeared.

215. Elderly man holding book.  Half case.

216. Civil War soldier with goatee holding sword.

217. Image washed out. Harp on design on case.

218. Woman with bow on stripped dress.

219. Frizzy haired man. Perhaps a preacher?

220. Man, perhaps in a cape, leaning against upholstered chair.

221. Boy with sleeping pooch.

222. Man and woman with hands on each others shoulders. Man has beard. Daguerreotype.

223. Woman with lace collar and hands folded on lap. Daguerreotype.

224. Two women with lace collars & broach. Hands on lap.

225. Woman with lace collar, broach, stripped dress.

226. Woman. Curls in hair. Miniature case.

227. Woman with with bonnet and white collar. Daguerreotype.

228. Woman with black felt strip around neck and broach at bosom.

229. Man with large bow tie with diamond print. No case.

230. Five young women. Daguerreotype by Benjamin, Newark. From Congar estate. D1992.

231. Child wearing scarf standing. Half case.

232. Balding man with beard holding paper.

233. 2 people, one a woman. Daguerreotypeimage mostly gone. Pink fabric. Case has flowers in design.

234. Mother with child (dress painted pink). Glass shattered.

235. Boy with ribbon on chest, hat in one hand. Ornate case. Daguerreotype.

236. Man--thin hair sticking out over ears. Daguerreotype.

237. Young boy in military uniform holding sword. Frame has two cherubs shooting bow and arrows.

238. Woman with lacy collar. Daguerreotype from Brady's Gallery, Broadway, NY.

239. Woman with lacy collar. Meduim sized case.

240. Woman with ribbon hanging from hair.

241. Man and woman. Man's hand on woman's shoulder. Womans arms folded. Daguerreotype.

242. Woman in black dress. Arm on back of  chair.

243. Young man in button down (soldiers uniform?).

244. Woman in black felt dress, ribbon in her hari. Sits in chair. Curtain in background. 245. Man with beard, coat and vest.

246. Woman in black dress, braided hair to shoulders. Earrings painted in.

247. Boy (sitting) and girl (standing). No case.

248. Woman with fingers on cheeks, lace bracelet. Medium sized case.

249. Young man. Half case. Medium size.

250. Woman with hands on book.

251. Young man in bow tie. Trees and church in background.

252. Woman with white bonnet. Cracked in background.

253. Elderly woman in white bonnet?

254. Man in bow  tie. Daguerreotype.

255. Man with bow tie, high white collar, coat over suit jacket.

256. Elderly woman with white bonnet.  Half case.

257. Woman with bow at neck. Curls. Arm leaning on table. Half case.

258. Woman--arm of dress laced. Case spine has "The Token."

259. Woman. Porch in background.

260. Boy with white collar. Daguerreotype.

261. Woman in chair. Hands half covered in lace.

262. Woman in white dress, black stipped vest. Lacy gloves.

263. Balding man with beard. No mustashe.

264. 18th century man, perhaps. Image of painting. Violet fabic in case.

265. Large dog. Yellow fabric in case.

266. Man with beard. Daguerreotype.

267. Man  and child (large bow tie) Daguerreotype.

268. Woman. Oval painting.

269. Pre-teen boy in chair with hand on heart. Daguerreotype.

270. Young man in bow tie. No case. Daguerreotype by W.A. Wellman, 546 Broadway, NY.

271. Woman with hand on cheek, elbow on table. Half case.

272. Woman-curls on lace  collar. Cracked glass. Half case.

273. Two girls. Half case. Daguerreotype.

274. Man with big chin & bow tie. Half case. Daguerreotype.

275. Child standing in long pants leaning on chair with hat. No case.

276. Man. Miniature Daguerreotype in case with locket.

277. Woman. Miniature Daguerreotype. Half case.

278. Image washed out. Half case.

279. Man with goatee in minitiure oval screw-on case.

280. Woman-curly hair in miniature oval screw-on case.

281. Woman. Dress has bow-tie buttons. Daguerreotype. Just frame.

282. Woman. Cracks on dress.  No case.

283. Woman with folded arms. No case. Daguerreotype by Thompson, 515 Broadway, NY.

284. Woman  in dress with clover design. April 1862. Only frame.

285. Woman. Ambrotype by Davis & Co., Boston.

286. Woman with hands in lap. Broach. Half case.

287. Girl in chair. Half  case.

288. Man with rosy cheeks. Half case.

289. Woman. Lace in hair. Frame only.

290. Man in top hat. Daguerreotype by Tyler & Co's. Daguerreotypeuerreotype Depot, Cincinnati, Ohio.

291. Man in oval frame. Daguerreotype.

292. Young woman. Frame only. Daguerreotype.

293. Man. Oval in velvet frame. Daguerreotype.

294. Man with beard leaning against woman with hair down. Two copiesC4 UC1030.

295. Young woman. Wooden frame.

296. Soldier. Navy? Daguerreotype. Half case.

297. Two women with hands on laps. Half case.

298. Woman with bonnet over both ears. Half case.

299. Woman. Broach.Frame.

300. Man in white apron? By Wymans & Co. Ambrotypes, Boston.

301. Young girl in white furry? collar. Framed. Miss M. MacFarlane Ambrotypes, Boston.

302. Woman. 1863 or 1868 etched on back.

303. Man in beard (hand in pocket) Frame only.

304. Young woman in hat. Small frame.

305. Aunt Mattie. Green felt case.

306. "Fairy Album." Miniature photo album with several small tintype portraits.

307. Woman with cross on necklace. Frame.

308. Woman in chair in hoop dress and large hat. Half case.

309. Ambrotype of church. No. case.

310. Two women with broaches. No case. Daguerreotype.

311. Woman in bonnet. Daguerreotype by Laurence. C204.

312. Woman large black dress. F4 U1225.

313. Woman in bonnet wearing glasses.

314. Boy in plaid pants. Daguerreotype.

315. Dwelling or Business. Two men leaning. Large pole.

316-318. See alphabetical listing.

319. 18 separate framed tintypes enclosed in large wooden frame. All images are of  young women. From (MG 1348) Dr. Felix Vann Papers.

320.  Unidentified Halsted family member. (placed in alphabetical order)

321. Man with sideburns. Daguerreotype.

321b. Man with bow tie in oval case. 1953.19. Uncle Douglas/William H. of Newark.

322. Man with beard. Oval with stand. Sebastian Duncan, Jr?

323. Blood hound print in frame. OS.

324. Martha Washington print in frame. OS.

325. Man in oval. Preacher? 1968.80. OS.

326. Jonathan Dickenson in wood frame. OS.

327. Lt. Peter M. Ryerson, Jr. on purple velvet. 1961.86. OS.

328. Carrington family. Man in bow tie with sideburns. case.

329. Carrington family. Man in bow tie. Faded image. case.

330. Carrington family. Woman with earrings and necklace. Striped dress.

331. Carrington family. Woman seated with (velvet)? Coat. Blushed cheeks.

332. Carrington family. Older man with white hair.

333. Carrington family. Faded image. Hair in case?

334. Nichols/Coriell family. Aaron Nichols.

335. Nichols/Coriell family. Amanda B. Nichols.

336. Nichols/Coriell family. Amanda Backalow Nichols.

337. Nichols/Coriell family. Eliza D. Coriell Nichols and Sayres O. Nichols.

338. Nichols/Coriell family. Eliza Dunn Coriell Nichols.

339. Nichols/Coriell family. Elizabeth Ogden Nichols.

340. Nichols/Coriell family. Elizabeth Ogden Nichols.

341. Nichols/Coriell family. Franklin Coriell Nichols.

342. Nichols/Coriell family. Franklin C. Nichols.

343. Nichols/Coriell family. Joseph D. and Edward P. Nichols.

344. Nichols/Coriell family. Julia A. Nichols.

345. Nichols/Coriell family. Phineas Coriell.

346. Nichols/Coriell family.Sarah L. Cairnes (young woman).

347. Nichols/Coriell family. Sayers Ogden Nichols.

348. Nichols/Coriell family. Sayers O. and Amanda B. Nichols.

349. Nichols/Coriell family. Anna S. Cairns. 1876. Aged 20. “Sophronisba.” Oval case.

350. Nichols/Coriell family. Asa Dunn. Faded image in frame.

351. Nichols/Coriell family. Sarah L. Cairns (widow). In case.

352. Nichols/Coriell family. Judson Carey Nichols. Small boy in pantalelles. In frame.

353. Nichols/Coriell family. Harris Baldwin Nichols. Age about 2 yrs. In frame.

354. Nichols/Coriell family. Joseph Ogden Nichols. In frame.

355. Nichols/Coriell family. Sarah Providence Dunn Coriell. In frame.

356. Nichols/Coriell family. Eliza C. Nichols and Julia Adelaide Nichols. In frame.

357. Nichols/Coriell family. David Cairns. Faded image in case.

358. Nichols/Coriell family. Sarah L. Cairns. In late girlhood? In case.

359. Nichols/Coriell family. Man with beard in oval case. 1976.4.

360. Nichols/Coriell family. Sarah Laudau Cairns and infant daughter Annie, c. 1857.

361. Nichols/Coriell family. Miss Sarah Laudau, c. 1854. In case.

362. Nichols/Coriell family. Joseph O. Nichols. In case.

363. Nichols/Coriell family. Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Laudau. In case.

364. Two photos of woman. In case. OS.

365. Girl in dark dress, with white collar. In case with red velvet.

366. Woman in striped dress. In case with red velvet.

367. Baby. Faded image in frame.

368. Young boy in plaid coat.   case.

369. “Album” containing 16 images.

370. Two men with bow ties. In case.

371. Man in bow tie. In case.

372. Young man in vest. In case.

373. Man in tall hat. In case.

374. Woman with short hair. case.

375. Young man. Faded image in case.

376. Woman with blushed cheeks. In red velvet case.

377. Man in f ront of “within this enclosure rest the remains of Gen. George Washington.” In case.

378. Unidentified man from Pitney Family papers (Mg 1128). case.

379. Young man in bow tie and jacket. In case with red velvet. By Anson.

380. John M. Van Winkill with beard. In case.

381. John M. Van Winkill with beard and blushed cheeks. In case.

382. John M. Van Winkill. In large case.

383. Emmeline H. Davey with long hair. In case.

384. Young man. Unknown. case.

385. Two men. Brothers? In case.

386. Young woman with short hair. In case.

387. Alling family.



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