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-- Manuscript Group 1406, William Ross, Genealogist

Archives Documents, Manuscripts, Maps, & Photographs

Manuscript Group 1406, William Ross, Genealogist

Genealogy Collection

Call Number: MG 1406


Genealogy research on the following families: Acken, Baker, Cory, Crane, Davis, DeCamp, Dunham, Marsh, Pierson, Sayre, Ward, Williams, Woodruff.


Folder List:

Folder Contents

Acken Family

Acau, Acor, Acken, Acker, Ackeus, Brown, Cole, Cory, Crane, Davis, Hains, Hares, Harris, Lambert, Little, Ludlam, MacManus, Marsh, Maxwell, Miller, Pack, Ross, Sayre, Squire, Winans

Baker Family

Badgley, Baker, Bonne, Britten, Bryant, Clark, Conklin, Conkling, Cory, Crane, DeCamp, Drake, Dunahm, Earl, Fox, Frame, Grover, Halsey, Hathaway, Hedges, Henry, Lee, Locey, Losey, Ludlow, Ludlum, Marsh, Miller, Morgan, Mundy, Munson, Parse, Pierson, Radley, Ross, Scudder, Squire, Thompson, Van Horne, Van Pelt, Whitehead, Willcox, Woodruff

Cory Family

Acon, Allen, Boyd, Clark, Conkling, Corey, Cory, Crooks, Dadd, Darby, Davis, Denman, Dunham, Erskine, Ferris, Frazee, Freelen, Freeman, Gano, Gentry, Halsey, Haynes, Hervey, Hinds, Horn, Lear, Line, Little, Marsh, Miller, Mulford, Picton, Pierson, Ross, Scudder, Sherrod, Steele, Steward, Stewart, Stites, Tucker, Van Horn, Wells, Williams

Crane Family

Baker, Baldwin, Clark, Conger, Conkling, Connet, Crane, Cutter, Davis, De Hart, Denman, Dunham, Frame, Freeman, Halsey, Hendricks, Kent, Kyte, Little, March, Marsh, Marshall, Meeker, Miller, Mills, Moore, Noe, Pierson, Pool, Potter, Ross, Sayre, Scudder, Squire, Stilson, Thompson, Williams, Wilson

Davis Family

Acken, Conkling, Cory, Davis, Frazee, French, Hand, Little, Ludlum, Meeker, Miller, Pierson, Ross, Sayre, Scudder, Spinning, Woodruff

De Camp Family

Baker, Corrington, Darby, De Camp, Frazee, Lecourt, Marsh, Page, Pierson, Ross, Sayre, Scudder

Dunham Family

Baker, Brown, Closen, Conkling, Cornelius, Cory, Crane, Dunham, Faitoute, Lambert, Little, Ludlow, Ludlum, Miller, Moore, Morgan, Pierson, Rawle, Searling, Terriel, Wilcoxs

Marsh Family

Acan, Aken, Baker, Beagh, Beagle, Brant, Briant, Brown, Bushnell, Chandler, Chevalier, Clark, Cole, Connet, Cory, Cox, Crage, Crane, Curtis, Darnelson, D'Anteroches, De Camp, Denman, Dolbier, Elmer, Foster, Frazee, Gillom, Haines, Hand, Hanes, Hetfield, Hinds, Hines, Hubbel, Islie, Jackson, Jewell, Johnes, Lee, Ludlum, March, Marsh, Martin, Meeker, Miller, Mills, Morgan, Morris, Moses, Mulford, Oliver, Pach, Peck, Pierson, Price, Prior, Rhine, Robinson, Ross, Scranford, Scudder, Seering, Squire, Stanberry, Stand, Stewart, Stout, Stouton, Talmadge, Tappin, Terrie, Terry, Tingley, Tooker, Tucker, Ward, Whitehead, Wilcox, Wilson, Wood, Woodruff

Pierson Family

Baker, Beedle, Blake, Brown, Church, Clark, Cole, Conklin, Connet, Corey, Corielle, Crane, Davis, DeCamp, Denman, Dunham, French, Gathwait, Hartop, Hendricks, Hie, Hold, Hubbel, Jones, Lane, Lawrence, Leveridge, Marsh, Martin, Miller, Mills, Mushmore, Parkhurst, Personed, Pierson, Quimby, Robinson, Ross, Sayre, Silvers, Smith, Stetes, Townley, Tucker, Valentine, Washington, Wright

Sayre Family

Acken, Bradbury, Crane, De Camp, Downer, Frazee, High, Hunt, Lecourt, Marsh, Robinson, Ross, Sayre, Skiner, Wilson

Ward Family

Frasee, Frazee, French, Horton, Osborn, Osborne, Woodruff

Williams Family

Applebee, Brown, Clark, Corey, Cozens, Crane, Edwards, Fatorst, Hatfield, Marsh, Maxwell, Miller, Ross, Sayre, Stitle, Stone, Wililams, Yeamans

Woodruff Family

Brooks, Bryant, Clark, Davis, Denman, Ely, Force, French, Hugh, Horton, Little, Miller, Osborn, Pierson, Robinson, Scudder, Smith, Stites, Tucker, Valentine, Woodruff, Wooley

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