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Jersey Gold: New Jersey in the 1849 California Gold Rush


After New Jersey native James W. Marshall found gold at Sutter’s Mill near Sacramento in 1848, people by the hundreds of thousands were consumed by dreams of instant riches and began exciting, perilous and often tragic journeys to stake their claims in the West. These migrations transformed the whole continent, sweeping up people from all walks of life and bringing largely untold consequences to families and communities here in the Garden State.

Mark your calendar for Tuesday evening, October 3, at the New Jersey Historical Society, where you’ll hear some of the many New Jersey stories of the 1849 California Gold Rush. The protagonists have names like Baldwin, Kinney, Meeker, Crockett and Pennington, names that resonate in New Jersey’s history. Renowned inventor Seth Boyden journeyed to the gold fields at the head of a company of eight, and returned no richer than when he left. Beloved physician John S. Darcy brought together some three dozen prominent Essex and Morris County citizens to form the Newark Overland Company, whose colorful exploits filled – and sold – many a local newspaper.

Our speaker that evening will be Margaret Casterline Bowen, co-author of a new book entitled Jersey Gold: The Newark Overland Company’s Trek to California, 1849 (University of Oklahoma Press).

We hope to see you there! RSVP to 973-596-8500 extension 0.

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