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Turnpike Hype
The Cities Service Oil Co. and Asphalt Institute Movies


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Check these out: the unabashed boasting, the soaring music, the undisguised pride in the completion of the New Jersey Turnpike—a road built for "motoring pleasure." This clip and the one on the next page are from two movies made about the Turnpike just after it opened. They were produced by invested parties: Cities Service Oil Co. had the concession for the first gasoline services on the Turnpike; the Asphalt Institute had a great interest in the project since asphalt, not concrete, had been chosen to pave the road. They are an amazing view, not just for what they show but for their attitude: building the Turnpike is invariably depicted as a common good and an emblem of modern progress and achievement.

  Excerpts from "The New Jersey Turnpike" (Cities Service Oil Co., 1953)
Film courtesy of the New Jersey Turnpike Authority and Citgo Petroleum Corporation
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