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The Promise of a New Driving Experience
Turnpike Promotional Literature


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Not only will you save time, but you'll do it with "comfort and safety," promises this 1950s New Jersey Turnpike Authority promotional brochure. If this wasn't a novel, modern, new way of driving, then nothing was. In fact, if you check out the language and images in this pamphlet and the brochures and advertisements that follow, it's clear to see that the Turnpike Authority was eager to portray the driving experience on the Turnpike as easy, modern, and stress-less. (Keep in mind that in its first full year of operation, there were only 18 million cars on the Turnpike—today, 218 million people are using the road and it's far more crowded!)
  Cover of pamphlet, "New Jersey Turnpike Save 2 Hours," 1950s
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