No traffic jams
No sharp curves
No cross traffic
No s-t-o-p signs
No delays
No red lights
Safe travel in all kinds of weather
Save on time, gas, oil, and tires

YOU'LL SENSE THE THRILL of a new kind of driving when you get on the NEW JERSEY TURNPIKE. Relaxed nerves…relaxed muscles…minimum eyestrain…as the smooth ribbon of multi-lane, skid-free pavement s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-s out for 118 miles with no stop lights, no cross traffic, no left turns.

NO SNARLED TRAFFIC JAMS…no bumper-to-bumper congested roads…no sudden stops! No tension…just complete comfort and peace of mind as your car purrs along with nothing to impede its swift progress.

THE NEW JERSEY TURNPIKE is the world's most modern express highway engineered for utmost comfort and safety…level and free from sharp curves and steep grades. You just get on it and GO!

WHEN DRIVING on business or pleasure, the NEW JERSEY TURNPIKE is the quickest and safest route connecting New York and New England with points South and West. So for maximum safety, comfort and speed…and savings in time and operation costs…get on the NEW JERSEY TURNPIKE and GO!

1. Typical Toll Plaza and Booths at interchanges.
2. Bridges that span 5 major rivers are part of the turnpike.
3. Restaurants and luncheonettes will serve motorists traveling the New Jersey Turnpike.
4. Service areas for oil, gas, restaurants and snack bars are located on the turnpike. Each has separate entrance and exit lanes for safe and speedy traffic flow.
5. One of the 17 interchanges on the 118-mile turnpike. Extra 1/4-mile lanes running parallel with the regular lanes before and after entrances and exits enable motorists to leave the regular traffic stream at 60 miles per hour; or, when coming onto the turnpike, to enter the traffic stream at the speed of other traffic, instead of edging in slowly. No cross traffic. No left-hand turns. No red lights.