More Payloads at Lower Cost on the New Jersey Turnpike

Here's talk from a trucker that will make sense to fleet owners. And it's backed with solid facts, scientifically compiled by one of the country's biggest and busiest trucking outfits…whose vehicles travel the Turnpike regularly.

1. You save time—Trucks averaged a saving of 2 hours, 6 minutes…because there are no stop lights, no cross traffic, no steep grades. Apply that to every truck you send across New Jersey. Only 50 trips save you over 12 working days! The saving in wages alone more than offsets the toll charge.

2. You save miles—The Turnpike is 16.5 miles shorter than parallel State highways. That's 33 miles a round trip. Figure that in fuel, and wear and tear over the year!

3. You save fuel—Each truck averaged a saving of 8.5 gallons per trip—they stayed in the more economical high-ratio gears for long, sustained stretches, 34 gear changes, compared with 718 on a parallel direct highway!

4. You save on safety—Accidents were reduced from 62 on the parallel highway to 2 on the Turnpike! 1,368,675 miles per accident for this company on the Turnpike.

That's how more and more truckers—long haul and short haul—are taking more payloads to market at lower cost…via the 118-mile, multi-lane New Jersey Turnpike.

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