One of the Nation's Safest Highways

An ultra-modern, multi-lane express highway, the New Jersey Turnpike and its extensions afford substantial savings in travel time with utmost safety.

Six wide travel lanes—three in each direction—from the George Washington Bridge interchange to Camden on the Turnpike; also on the recently opened Newark Bay-Hudson County extension and the direct connection with the Pennsylvania Turnpike, provide relaxed, comfortable driving for motorists and truckers.

Lanes are clearly marked with wide reflectorized striping and are posted on the outside with large reflectorized delineators for the full length of the Turnpike for safe driving at night. A spacious median separates opposing lanes of traffic for additional safety. Pavement is extra heavy duty with high skid resistance. These and many other features account for the extraordinary safety record of the New Jersey Turnpike—a record which is far superior to that on the nation's highways as a whole.

Twenty interchanges are strategically located on the Turnpike for entrance and exit at principal east-west highways in New Jersey, and a direct interchange connection with the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

The new Pennsylvania connection offers motorists and truckers full express highway travel between New York and Chicago over Turnpikes in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana…with important savings in time, more comfortable driving and maximum safety.

The Newark Bay-Hudson County extension of the Turnpike affords a direct highway between the Turnpike and Bayonne, Jersey City and the entrance to the Holland Tunnel for motorists destined to, and coming from, lower Manhattan.

Once on the Turnpike and its extensions, travel is non-stop—without interruption for toll collecting purposes.

Connects directly with principal highways and Turnpikes


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