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The Modern Face of the Turnpike

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This pennant takes as its subject one specific interchange—Swedesboro-Chester (no. 2). A March 29, 1951, press release put out by the Turnpike Authority pointed out its particular value. "This Swedesboro-Chester traffic interchange of New Jersey's 118-mile Turnpike," it noted, "will serve vehicular traffic from the south and west through its direct connection with U.S. Route 322. To the west, U.S. Route 322 connects with the Chester, Pa. Ferry, and eastward heads in the direction of south Jersey shore resorts such as Pleasantville and Atlantic City." In fact, interchanges were particularly important precisely because of the way they connected the Turnpike to all major routes, making it a truly modern, nationally connected superhighway.

Pennant, about 1950s
Collections of The New Jersey Historical Society
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