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Choices and Consequences

Elizabeth's Struggle
Newspaper Coverage, 1949-1951

For months, the dilemma in Elizabeth played out in the daily papers: would the Turnpike be routed through the city? Read through these transcriptions to see what unfolded. After Elizabeth lost several court cases to divert the Turnpike, construction began in the winter of 1950. But city officials responded with their own tactics, and it all reached a boiling point when two children accidentally drowned in a water-filled pit left by construction workers.

Union Prosecutor Fears Second Action May Be Illegal

Newark Evening News, March 23, 1952

Staff Correspondent.
     ELIZABETH—Officials of the prosecutor's office revealed today that the manslaughter charge against the Grow Construction Co., New Jersey Turnpike contractors, in the drowning of Clara Ann Cool, 6, last May 5 in an excavation ditch might be called off because of double jeopardy.
     The company was found guilty Wednesday, of manslaughter in a similar indictment for the drowning of Clara Ann's brother, Norman, 9. Prosecutor's aides said a second trial on such a similar matter might constitute an interference in the defendant's rights.
     They emphasized, however, that the matter was still under examination.
     Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Cool, of 504 East Jersey street, parents of the children, are seeking civil damages against the company. The company has announced it will appeal the manslaughter verdict.


Courtesy of the Newark Public Library.

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