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"We Can't Afford to Stand Still"
Expanding the Turnpike

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Because the Turnpike catered to the car, traffic demands spelled out the need for its expansion. As New Jersey Governor Alfred E. Driscoll acknowledged at a January 1952 dedication ceremony for the final miles of the Turnpike, "We have completed the first phase of this great undertaking but already the engineers are hard at work planning [the proposed extensions] . . . we can't afford to stand still. We must move ahead, not rest on our laurels." Indeed, less than a year after the Turnpike opened, the Authority initiated extensions to connect with the Pennsylvania Turnpike, with the Holland Tunnel in Hudson County (both completed in 1956), and with the New York State Thruway (the project was abandoned in 1954). The following photographs document construction progress on the second major Turnpike extension, which ran from Interchange 14 across Newark Bay to Bayonne and Jersey City, then to the Holland Tunnel.

Photograph, Newark Bay-Hudson County Extension construction, October 24, 1955
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