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Technology to the Rescue
Easing Traffic—Without Expansion

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Over time the size and speed that was so novel in the Turnpike's early years would come to be taken for granted. As experience has shown, more roads translate into more vehicles. And an increasingly mobile society meant the numbers of users mushroomed. Traffic rapidly came to match and surpass what the road could handle safely and efficiently.

In addition to major physical changes like extensions and widenings, the Turnpike Authority implemented new technologies to keep traffic moving—from an elaborate and extensive system of remotely controlled road signs to E-ZPass, instituted in 2000. Check out some of the Turnpike's technological innovations in this film!

Excerpts from "Traveling Smart: High Tech Traffic Management on the New Jersey Turnpike" (Produced by the Public Affairs Department of the New Jersey Turnpike Authority, Media Productions, 1994)
Courtesy of the New Jersey Turnpike Authority
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