Transcript of interview with Ronald “Rocky” Sorrentino, 1999

“When I was working the double door, I remember it was like 10 degrees below zero, I was alone on the east side, Secaucus, and I had a tractor-trailer break down. You’ve got to visualize this. You got entry traffic, you’re giving out tickets, but you’ve still got exit coming up. They can’t get off. So now I yell, ‘We got a tractor-trailer down, blah blah blah’—you’re trying to keep calm—‘Give me a hand, get this towed out immediately.’ I’m running from this lane, four lanes over, for an hour. I call the section chief, ‘1-9, give me a 29 immediately.’ That means assistant section chief, call me up on this phone, we have an emergency. He called me, ‘What’s the problem?’ ‘I have a tractor-trailer down.’ I’m working entry, I’m running back and forth like a lunatic. Money is over here. Leaving it open. Back and forth—this went on for an hour. The guy would come down, ‘What’s the problem?’ ‘WHAT’S THE PROBLEM?!? You see what the hell’s going on? My hands are bleeding because they were cold. Couldn’t go to the bathroom.’ This is just some of the things. I could go on and on.”