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The Turnpike’s Bayonne team goes crazy in the photograph at top, while below, the “kids of Pike bowlers dig in.” The “Children’s Hour” photo suggests that sporting events were also family affairs. In fact, they were sometimes springboards for new families—as in the story of Marie Koch.

Marie Koch was a secretary in the Turnpike's Purchasing Department in the mid to late 1950s. In her words, “A purchasing agent bought everything on the Turnpike from the salt that they put down on the road to the police cars to everything that was ever used, pencils, paper, anything purchased for the operation of the Turnpike: toll collectors’ uniforms, maintenance uniforms, everything." She met her husband-to-be, a toll supervisor, “at a bowling banquet. He bowled for the Turnpike, and the girls in the office were invited to go to the banquet at the end of the season, and that’s how we met.” In 1960, they were married.

“Last Bowling Night Lot of Fun,” from the Pike Interchange, May 1962
Collections of The New Jersey Historical Society, gift of Marie Koch

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