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During the Persian Gulf War (1990-1991), numerous Americans at home who wanted to show support for those fighting overseas tied yellow ribbons around neighborhood trees. Turnpike Authority employees joined in—in their own special way. Several Hightstown Central Shops craftspeople banded together to create a massive, 13’ x 32’ yellow ribbon out of aluminum. They hung it right in the middle of their neighborhood—on the side of the East Brunswick Administration Building, where millions of passing motorists could see it. Posing here at the Central Shops in Hightstown are the bow’s makers, with Alfred Rastall, Assistant Foreman, seated at center. As he tells it, “When [the war] was over, we went up there and put the words, ‘Welcome Home’ on it.”

Photograph of makers of the Gulf War bow, 1991
Collections of The New Jersey Historical Society, gift of Alfred Rastall