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“Collector’s Pet Peeves”

Writing recently in the Trentonian, Jon Blackwell posited that there might be some problems with personal interaction on today’s Turnpike. “Remember the Pikettes? They’re gone now. Instead, drivers get surly toll collectors.” Blackwell’s negative stereotype has floated around for years, but how much truth is there to it?

While it’s easy to believe there are occasional run-ins, that’s only one side of the story. Richard Green, a toll collector at Interchange 8 as well as a reporter for the Pike Interchange, took things in hand when he wrote this poem for the employee publication and. Published in the October 1960 issue, the view from the “other side” captures perfectly the challenges of being a toll collector

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Poem by Richard Green; originally appeared in the Pike Interchange, October 1960, as “Oh, For The Life”
Courtesy of Richard Green