Transcript of interview with Ronald “Rocky” Sorrentino, 1999

“Then there was another incident about the ducks. Here it is, twenty-four lanes, traffic is horrendous. There’s a mommy duck and about six little ducks, little ducks. . . the water is pouring down. This duck and his [her] ducklings following him [her], decides to go from this side entry all the way across the exit. Traffic is—and I see this is happening. I get on the intercom. ‘Hold all traffic! Stop all lanes! Exit! Exit! Supervisor, listen to what I’m saying! There’s a duck in the middle of the—.’ Well, I want to tell you something: they all stopped the traffic. Here’s this little duck—everything stopped! The duck and his [her] ducklings were running across: tikka tikka tikka tikka. I think it took maybe two minutes, because it’s a couple of hundred yards, maybe. And they ran across, they got there safe. And I said, ‘Let ’em all go! They’re across!’ The ducks went into the swamp and that was funny. That made the Turnpike newspaper.”